Dan Hicks - "Hot Licks & Cool Customers
142 Throckmorton Theatre
Mill Valley CA : September 11 2004
By Ken & Kathy

The 142 Throckmorton Theatre is located in downtown Mill Valley.

Colorful lanterns added a festive touch to the auditorium.
142 is a nice venue, with a capacity of almost 300.
It has a gallery in the foyer, a balcony and a proscenium stage.


Happy Hixlisters filled several tables down front.

In an aside, Dan expressed his displeasure with Mill Valley's
population by suggesting that anybody who
moved there after 1980 should leave now.


Lickettes Linda Groves and Susan Rabin were charming, of course!


"Classic" Lickette Naomi Ruth Eisenberg was a special guest artist,
along with Ramblin' Jack Elliot. None of our pics of Jack came out, but
check Barry Toranto's photos for some good ones.


Naomi has a unique style.



Naomi favored the crowd with her tasty fiddle licks.



Dan was The Man, as usual. Thanks, Dan, for a swell time!