2 0 1 1
Bright House Networks Amphitheatre, Bakrsfield, CA, June 11 2011 "We were in high spirits and even applauded Dan's entrance."
The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI, May 15 2011 "I talked with folks who came from as far as Iowa City and 7 hours away in Canada to see the show."
Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, MA, April 16 2011 "The familiar humorous interludes between musical
selections provided lots of laughs."
Palm Ballroom, San Rafael, CA, March 12 2011 ("Kollege of Musical Knowledge" Program)
"From the start, Professor Hicks guided us through the evolution of American music..."
2 0 1 0
Kent Stage, Kent, OH, Dec. 9 2010 "Fresh as could be, in fine voice and enthusiastic."
The Met, Pawtucket, RI, Dec. 4 2010 "Dan was in fine spirits all night long."
Knuckleheads, Kansas City, MO, Sept. 18 2010 "After the show, we'll be selling LPs, but now they're called CDs."
Triple Door , Seattle, WA, May 15 2010 "I took my child bride and she had never seen anything like this band."
Narrows Center, Fall River, MA, April 17 2010 "Dan also gave a shout-out to us Hixters, telling the
audience that for $1000, they too could join the list."
2 0 0 9
Yoshi's, Oakland, CA, December 9 2009 "Dan held up his hands and said "Don't encourage 'em!""
Tower Theatre, Fresno, CA, October 2 2009 "...mumble mumble...LSD."
McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA, September 27 2009 "You look up their nostrils..."
The Cedar, Minneapolis, MN, May 16 2009 "It inventories the drugs we were taking at that time."
Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA, March 25 2009 "One of my friends had never seen Dan perform, and he just about lost it... "
2 0 0 8
Rhythm & Roots Festival, Charlestown, RI, August 30 2008 “...a fine mist kissing our faces..."
The Soiled Dove, Denver CO, July 18 2008 "Let's not mince words: Dan's still got it!"
The Barns at Wolf Trap, Vienna VA, May 2 2008 "...Caucasian Hip-Hop..."
Rhythm Room , Phoenix AZ, April 29 2008 "Dan even mentioned a bodily function...to describe how excited he was to be playing in Phoenix."
2 0 0 7
John Ascuaga's Nugget, Sparks NV, August 18 2007 (2) "This was one of the best shows in the last 10 years."
Black Oak Casino, Tuolumne CA, August 9 2007 "...I am now suffering from restless leg syndrome."
The Barn, Brooklyn CT, July 29 2007 "...the scent of manure lingered in the humid, still air."
Sellersville Theater 1894, Sellersville PA, June 28 2007 "...I was certain the dinner was included in their contract."
McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica CA, April 14 2007 "...featuring Daria on kazoo...."
2 0 0 6
Fur Peace Ranch, Pomery OH, September 15 2006 (2) "Mrs Kaukonen advised all to watch out for the deer..."
The House of Blues, Anaheim CA, September 6 2006 "A bouncer guarded the seats to make us feel oh so special."
The Turning Point, Piermont NY, August 7 2006 "...his head was about 3 inches from the ceiling over the stage.."
Regattabar, Cambridge MA, August 3 2006 "Dan executed a series of spins and twirls..."
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico CA, June 11 2006 - "[Dan] is not Bobby Vinton, Bobby Vee, or Paul Revere..."
Narrows Center, Fall River MA, May 4 2006 "At first I thought I was being paged for an emergency..."
"Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks Present a Salute to the Singing Cowboys" 142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley CA, April 8 2006 "I was not aware that Roy Rogers was originally named Leonard Slye..."
The Little Fox Theatre, Redwood City CA, March 17 2006 "Some really nice people in attendance..."
The Stone House Music Club, Tenafly NJ, Feb. 14 2006 "Dan's repartee between songs was outstandingly amazing."
2 0 0 5
The Triple Door, Seattle, WA, December 20 2005 (3) "...One woman shouted out 'Nice bling, Dan!'".
Mint Supper Club, Los Angeles CA, June 10 2005 "I ordered the catfish with butternut squash..."
Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA, June 9 2005 "Roberta was wearing a tight black dress..."
Club Cafe, Pittsburgh PA, May 3 2005 "Where else can you get such class and value for your entertainment dollar? 
Neighborhood Theater, Charlotte NC, April 30 2005 (2) "His lead guitar, Dave Bell I believe, was a maniac."
The ArtsCenter, Carrboro NC, April 29 2005 "I took 4 neighbors with me who were new to Dan's music."
John Ascuaga's Nugget, Sparks (Reno) NV, April 2005 "I would suggest Dan Hicks drop the girls..."
Shibuya Club Quattro, Tokyo Japan, February 27 2005 "The show was perfect...Dan was the great entertainer."
2 0 0 4
Cerritos Center, Cerritos CA, November 11 2004 "...a generous yet tasteful amount of cleavage."
Jazz Alley , Seattle WA, August 29 2004 "My face is still sore from all of the smiling I did."
Club Helsinki, Great Barrington MA, August 18 2004 "...chops up the wazoo."
California Poppy Festival, Lancaster CA, April 17 2004 "We froze our butts off and got plenty wet..."
Bayside Jazz, The Baltic, Point Richmond CA, March 11 2004 "Sam Spade would have been right at home..."
The Narrows Center, Fall River MA, January 17 2004 "Dan did an awesome scat ..."
2 0 0 3
Abbey Pub, Chicago IL, November 25 2003 "That guitarist sure does wiggle his head around a lot."
Magic Bag , Ferndale MI, November 23 2003 "...a firm loud F%#k You..."
San Francisco Jazz Festival w/Maria Muldaur, November 2 2003 (2) "I soon got used to the weirdness of Dan..."
Villa Montalvo, Saratoga CA, August 29 2003 "'This song is worth about 40 bucks all by itself...'"
Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, Seattle WA, August 10 2003 "...the crowd's applause was getting longer and louder..."
Rescue Rooms, Nottingham England, August 1 2003 "...hearty dollops of his laconic wit..."
WOMAD Festival, Reading England, July 25-26 2003 (2) "...the whole tent was converted to Hicksism..."
The Borderline, London England, July 24 2003 (2) "...the swelling noisome beast that was the audience."
Telford's Warehouse, Chester England, July 22 2003 (3) "...the best value I've ever had out of £9!"
Ceol Castle, Birmingham England, July 21 2003 "...finger, hand and tongue work."
Manchester University, Manchester England, July 20 2003 "My heart is a prisoner."
Copia, Napa CA, July 7 2003 "...scatting and grooving like a man possesed..."
Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach CA, June 26 2003 "...black patent leather shoes with some white stripes."
Music in the Mountains, Grass Valley CA, June 19 2003 "...hashish brownies."
State Street Church, Portland ME, May 18 2003 "Dan introduced himself as 'Funky Danny'..."
City Hall Auditorium, Newburyport MA, May 17 2003 (2) "Well, it's been a few days, but I'm still high..."
Indoor Action Sports, Greenfield MA, May 16 2003 "It was an inflatable sports dome..."
"Austin City Limits" Benefit, Austin TX, April 12 2003 "...truly a 'Cowboy's Dream'".
Tin Angel, Philadelphia PA, March 8 2003 (2) "...his trance-like facial expressions..."
Ramshead Tavern, Annapolis MD, March 7 2003 "'...it was about a Viper......who came along..'."
Scullers Jazz Club, Boston MA, January 14 2003 "... the buxom blonde beauty Robin was one of the Lickettes..."
The Narrows Center, Fall River MA, January 13 2003 "...church pews to the right and left."
The Turning Point, Piermont NY, January 12 2003 "...he had to 'check with his people'..."
The Bottom Line, New York NY, January 11 2003 "Dan and the gals even did some hoofing..."
2 0 0 2
"Holidaze in Hicksville", The Fillmore, San Francisco CA, Dec 21 2002 "...patted down like perps..."
The Mangy Moose, Teton Village WY, September 14 2002 "Maybe too many lawyers in attendance."
Bumbershoot Festival , Seattle WA, August 31 2002 "...Dan won some new fans that day."
Summer Beat Festival, South Boston MA, August 3 2002 "I kept yelling...for Dan to sing that tune..."
The Osher Marin JCC, San Rafael CA, July 20 2002 (3) "Like a slightly hipper, funkier Garrison Keillor..."
The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CA, June 22 2002 (2) "'I've never played the drum before.....This is cool'."
Rio Theater, Santa Cruz CA, June 21 2002 (2) "...shiny blue-and-white wingtips."
Outpost in the Burbs, Montclair NJ, April 12 2002 "My only complaint is that I couldn't see them again the next night. "
Gordon Center for the Performing Arts, Owings Mills MD, March 21 2002 "...Dan snookered some punks..."
Freebird Cafe, Jacksonville Beach FL, March 9 2002 (2) "'... I just about creamed'".
Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, West Palm Beach FL, March 7 2002 "...Martian scat..."
Ramshead Tavern, Annapolis MD, January 13 2002 "...the last performance of a busy two-week Northeast tour."
City Hall Auditorium, Newburyport MA, January 11 2002 "He also signed my sister's foot cast..."
Scullers Jazz Club, Boston MA, January 8 2002 "Dan looked mighty dapper..."
Tin Angel, Philadephia PA, January 5 2002 "...it was real cramped up there."
Barns of Wolf Trap, Vienna VA, January 4 2002 "[Dan] waived to what he identified as Keith Richards in the audience."
2 0 0 1
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco CA, December 9 2001 (16) "...transported to another plane of consciousness..."
Rogue Theatre, Grants Pass OR, November 17 2001 "As Dan nears 60, his voice is as good as ever..."
Kirkland Performance Center, Kirkland WA, Nov. 16 2001 "I kept thinking, this is a little too classy for a Dan show..."
Lake Eden Arts Festival, Black Mountain NC, October. 20 2001 (2) "And we loved Dan´s shoes."
The Magic Bag, Ferndale MI, October 12 2001 "There were several standing ovations..."
Montage Grille, Rochester NY, October 10 2001 "Dan introduced himself as John Waters, just in from Baltimore..."
The Bottom Line, New York NY, October 5 2001 " ...I said 'Hey Dan, there sure are alot of Hixsters here tonight.'"
The Roxy, Los Angeles CA, August 18 2001 (2) "...basking in the evanescent glow of Hicksdom."
The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CA, August 17 2001 "...the worst chairs in the world!"
Palookaville, Santa Cruz CA, August 11 2001 (2) "'The cops hand out joints…'”.
Bluebird Theatre, Denver CO, August 3 2001 "I first heard Dan in my Dentists chair in Boulder in '74..."
Sedgewick County Zoo, Wichita KS, June 22 2001 "...he is the Dan Hicks fan from hell."
The Bottleneck, Lawrence KS, June 20 2001 "Dan was in a good mood. "
Villa Montalvo, Saratoga CA, June 1 2001 "Nice slo-mo conga lines!"
Avalon Theatre, Easton MD, May 25 2001 (3) " I could see that Dan was not pleased."
Union College, Schenectady NY, May 22 2001 "...Dan was not amused."
Conejo Creek Valley Days Festival, Thousand Oaks CA, May 3 2001 "Dan was 'over the top' on Dancin'."
Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA, April 22 2001 (2) "I swiped Dan's set list ..."
Feather Falls Casino, Oroville CA, March 24 2001 "...we were, as Dan put it, 'In Indian country'".
The Van Dyck, Schenectady NY, March 10 2001 (3) "'No dog,' he assured us."
Camden County College, Blackwood NJ, March 8 2001 (3) "...biting the strings and acting like Alvin Lee..."
The Birchmere, Alexandria VA, February 22 2001 (2) "...given to him by Teddy Roosevelt in 1910..."
Club Quattro, Nagoya Japan, February 13 2001 "...the show was very precious and fantastic to me."
Abbey Pub, Chicago IL, January 26-27 2001 "...the best dry humor in the world ..."
Old Music Hall, Madison WI, January 25 2001 "They were beautiful in their snake-skin print pants and dark glasses."
2 0 0 0
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco CA, December 21 2000 "...a large plastic goose..."
Medicine Park Music Hall, Medicine Park OK, December 9 2000 "Dan signed CD's, ate cake..."
Continental Club, Houston TX, December 7 2000 "'...you're going to have to pace yourselves.'"
Continental Club, Austin TX, December 6 2000 "...Maryann joined him onstage for 'I'm An Old Cowhand'..."
"Humbug Hoedown", Catalyst, Santa Cruz CA, December 2 2000 (with Christmas Jug Band) "...cavernous barn of a hall..."
Village Underground, New York NY, November 29 2000 "...Dan seemed in good spirits."
McNear's Mystic Theatre, Petaluma CA, November 19 2000 (2) "Dan expertly jumped from old to new songs..."
Amoeba Records, San Francisco CA, November 5 2000 (2) "...win an autographed-by-Dan guitar."
House of Blues, New Orleans LA, October 24 2000 "Christmas came early for me last night."
The Point, Bryn Mawr PA, October 12 2000 (4) "He even remembered to bring CDs to sell."
Thirsty Ear, Columbus OH, October 9 2000 (2) "'...everybody knows I’m a 4 thimble man.'"
Mountain Stage, Charleston WV, October 8 2000 "'I'll sign anything you put in front of me.'"
Mountain Oasis Music Festival, Hendersonville NC, October 7 2000 (2) "...he never sings a song the same way twice."
Borders, Seattle WA, September 26 2000 "Trouble getting through the rental car maze at the airport."
Century Ballroom, Seattle WA, September 26 2000 (2) "...Dan had a few choice words about that."
Palookaville, Santa Cruz CA, September 22 2000 "Love your sexy voice Dan..."
Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana CA, September 20 2000 (2) "...an incident with some cops and some orange groves..."
Fitzgerald Theatre, St. Paul MN, September 17 2000 (5) "How Dan does that thing with his leg is also very cool!"
Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago IL, September 15 2000 (2) "Dan was quite gracious after the show..."
House of Blues, Cambridge MA, September 13 2000 "Everyone certainly has their shit together."
The Birchmere, Alexandria VA, September 10 2000 "It was surprisingly much better than I thought it would be."
The Ramshead, Annapolis MD, September 8 2000 "...they sent her out for food and she was still in the car."
The Roxy, Los Angeles CA, August 29 2000 (6) "...Lou Adler, and his buddy Jack Nicholson..."
Silver Dollar Room, Toronto Canada, July 29 2000 (2) "As great as his music is, Dan is one funny guy."
Silverton Jubilee, Silverton CO, June 25 2000 "Times are good in Hicksville..."
Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio CA, June 16 2000 "Dan let us know that NSync was staying at his house, in his driveway..."
Sweetwater, Mill Valley CA, May 19 2000 "One gentleman loudly proclaimed that he wanted to bear Dan's love-child."
McCabe's, Santa Monica CA, May 13 2000 (3) " I swear it must have been a seance."
Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CA, May 11 2000 "Overall I give Dan Hicks two thumbs up!"
Grand Emporium, Kansas City MO, May 1 2000 "the yokels at the back of the bar were making too much noise..."
Generations, St. Louis MO, April 30 2000 (2) "'...and then the paramedics show up!'"
Thirsty Ear and Beachland Ballroom, Ohio, April 27-28, 2000 (2) "A true gentleman..."
Tin Angel, Philadelphia PA, April 8 2000 (2) "He gave me one of those squinty eyed looks..."
Scullers, Boston MA, April 5 2000 "'I have my jazz pants on.'"
Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio CA, February 25 2000 "Dan rose to the occasion with some mighty fine picking..."
Anderson Fair, Houston TX, January 21 2000 "Dan came out onto the stage... and put a clock on the table..."
Cactus Cafe, Austin TX, January 20 2000 (2) "...there is a chemistry there that you just can't deny..."
Blue Cat Blues, Dallas TX, January 19 2000 "'I'm not saying I condone violence......but I don't knock it down, either.'"
1 9 9 9
San Rafael Millenium Party, San Rafael CA, December 31 1999 "...at midnight, Bill Graham would return from the dead."
Sweetwater, Mill Valley CA, December 21-22, 1999 (with Christmas Jug Band) "Shorty made his appearance..."
Red Light Saloon, Atlanta GA, December 4 1999 "...a 500 pound man came and stood in front of me."
Freddy's Armadillo, Charlotte NC, December 3 1999 "...packages of cheese crackers."
Sweetwater, Mill Valley CA, October 28 1999 "'...we’re going to go out into the audience and settle some scores.'"
Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio CA, October 17 1999 "'... the roads are infested with banditos..'"
Ramshead, Annapolis MD, September 18 1999 "Dan was in good voice ( voices )..."
Iron Horse, Northhampton MA, September 14 1999 (2) "'...a paid rehearsal for our big show in Poughkeepsie.'"
Freight & Salvage, Berkeley CA, August 13 1999 "... that’s how the Martians learn about us."
McCabe's, Santa Monica CA, August 8 1999 "'There's this guy...he decides to go get shitfaced.  That's pretty much it'."
Java Joe's, San Diego CA, August 6 1999 "Dan looked exactly how you would expect him to!"
Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio CA, July 31 1999 "...wagon-wheel chandelier over the parquet dance floor."
Russian River Blues Festival, June 27 1999 "...this was a signal for the people in front of us to light up."
Cactus Cafe, Austin TX, June 5 1999 (2) "Dan told us he'll be in Arkansas next week and expected all of us to be there."
Sweetwater, Mill Valley CA, May 30 1999 "Dan said 'It’s Jeannie’s fault...she took all our money.'"