Surfdog Records DAN'S RECORD LABEL

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When Dan's schedule permits, he enjoys playing small San Francisco area venues as a vocalist with Bayside Jazz. Backed by a swingin' combo featuring seasoned members of the Hot Licks, Acoustic Warriors and others, Dan sings the great standards in his uniquely iconoclastic style. Dig it!

Steve Ramirez's Dan Hicks Website LYRICS, CHORDS, TABS & MUCH MORE

Steve served for many years as the administrator of the Dan Hicks Mailing List, and has a very spiffy Dan site! It features articles you might have missed, great photos of Dan, and a selection of those elusive Hicks lyrics, chords, and tabs.
• • • The Hot Licks • • •

Benito joined Dan & the Hot Licks in 2010, and found himself expanding his musical palette. Says Benito: "It's great to explore the territory Dan's music covers. In a single night, I need to sound elegant, the down-and-dirty, then jumpy swing, then smooth and soulful. It's all gotta swing with Dan and the band...and it's a blast."


Daria says she's "Thrilled to be a member of the Hot Licks!". Visit the website of this acclaimed jazz vocalist and songwriter, and dig the tracks from her latest CD "Feel the Rhythm".

Roberta Donnay LICKETTE

A Grammy-nominated vocalist & songwriter, Roberta's accomplishments include writing the peace anthem "One World", which was adopted as a theme for the United Nations' 50th Anniversary; her work in TV and film ("Nash Bridges", "Close Encounters", and others); and her single "Crack In The Sidewalk", a hit on college radio. Her new CD, "A Little Sugar", with the Prohibition Mob Band is available and on the charts...


Michael Price HOT LICKS - BASS

Michael Price has been playing bass with the Hot Licks since 2012. As a bass player he's had broad experience playing many kinds of music, but he considers it a special honor to be involved in Dan's particular musical vision. Aside from playing with the Hot Licks, Michael and his bass can be found in a variety of settings, primarily Bay Area based jazz events. He is also known as the leader of the Saturday Night Jazz Band and the New Moldy Figs.


Paul is a long-time Hicks collaborator. A former Acoustic Warrior and current Bayside Jazz sideman, Paul's tasty guitar licks and backup vocals are well-known to many Hicks fans from his work on "Shootin' Straight". Paul also did a superb job as Musical Director for Dan's legendary 60th Birthday Bash. His solo CD, "Sweet", is now available from CDBaby. Listen to some clips here. Dan contributes wry backing vocals on "The Personals".
• • • • •

The CJB has put their trippy spin on the music of the season since 1976. Once you experience the Christmas Jug Band, your holidays won't be complete without them.Their latest CD - "Uncorked" - features two songs by Dan.

Also well-known by the moniker Naomi Vice, Ms. Eisenberg was, along with Maryann Price, a Lickette during what is sometimes called the "classic" era of Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks. Naomi performs with Maryann on the recordings "Where's The Money?", "Striking It Rich" and "Last Train to Hicksville", albums which include several songs written by Naomi. Today, Naomi is still busy pursuing her creative passions, and passion in general. Click Naomi's photo to visit her MySpace page.

Dave's sunny, swingin' style brightened many Hot Licks performances over the years. Dave owns and operates Bellboy Recording in Richmond, California.

Roy's ability to electrify and move audiences to their feet is well known. Your hosts can attest to that, having seen Roy play at the late, great Sweetwater in Mill Valley, California. We could hardly believe our ears. Roy joins Dan and The Hot Licks on 2009's "Tangled Tales" CD, adding blues licks to "The Rounder" with harp legend Charlie Musselwhite!

Dan's illustrations for the insert of this Bay Area singer-songwriter's latest CD, "The Easter Bunny, Sex and Santa Claus" (available from CDBaby) are charming. Guitarist and longtime Acoustic Warrior Paul Robinson co-produced and accompanied Jill's introspective songs. Check out advance clips from Jill's upcoming CD, "Trophy Wife".
John Clark BASSIST

Bassist John Clark has made his jazzy contributions to Dan's sound at numerous gigs. John lives in San Francisco, where he also teaches guitar and bass!
Tom Mitchell GUITARIST

You've seen Tom backing Dan up on lead guitar on the Conan O'Brien show. You may have caught his licks on "Beatin' The Heat" . You may have even been around for one of his many stints as the East Of The Rockies lead guitar man with the Acoustic Warriors. You can also hear Tom play his own brand of acoustic swing and blues, on his latest CD with the Blue Rhythm Boys, "Monday Morning Blues", available from CDBaby. Dan, Himself, has his say on the Boys' sound in the liner notes.

As a vocalist and percussionist, Susan added her virtuosity and contagious vitality to the Hot Licks lineup for several years. She now practices entertainment law in Los Angeles, and keeps her musical skills up to snuff with occasional gigs. Susan was recently named as one of Southern California's "Super Lawyers", a listing of top area attorneys. She writes plays, too.

Since 1973's "Last Train to Hicksville", Bob has added his monster chops to such classic Dan releases as "It Happened One Bite" (Widescreen Edition), "Shootin' Straight", and of course to the "Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks, Featuring an All-Star Cast of Friends" DVD/CD package. Versatile Bob is also a member of Dan's occasional San Francisco Bay Area combo, Bayside Jazz.
"Rockin' at the Red Dog" DVD Formerly on VHS as "The Life and Times of the Red Dog Saloon". Documentary video by Mary Works, 1996. A must-have for Dan-fans, and for all interested in the beginning of the Psychedelic Rock era. This well-crafted and entertaining video features interviews, music, and rare footage. You'll see Dan, The Charlatans, and many others who helped give birth to the wild and fascinating psychedelic movement.
W.I.G.T Printing

W.I.G.T. (rhymes with Gidget) have done much of Dan's printing work over the years, including his notorious gig cards and the poster for his 60th Birthday Bash (which you can see in the Portfolio/Posters section of their website). Located in Mill Valley, California, W.I.G.T has also done posters for Bob Dylan, Santana, Eric Clapton and many more. But even if you're not an icon of American pop music like Dan and those other guys, W.I.G.T. are happy to quote you prices on brochures, invitations, greeting cards, labels, hangtags, stationery -- you name it. Ask for the personable Barry Toranto.
The Slick Buzzard Awards

Presented by the curators of this site to publicly recognize those who have performed outstanding services for the fans of Dan Hicks. Without these internet pioneers, the Hicks community wouldn't be nearly as much fun, in touch, and up-to-date as it is today.
Bread & Roses

Founded in 1974 by the late Mimi Fariña, Bread & Roses brings free, live performances to people isolated in Bay Area institutions. Dan has long been a volunteer performer with this fine organization.
Bigrock Engineering

State-of-the-art guitar picks from Allen Chance (Masked Marauders) and Billy Gray (The Day The Earth Stood Still, Father Knows Best). Plus, you can download the free Audio Phonics Guitar Tuner from the Bigrock site.
The Hot Club of San Francisco

Former Acoustic Warrior Paul Mehling leads this homage to Django Reinhardt's Hot Club of France. Paul Robinson joined the band for "The Hot Club of San Francisco 1993", which also features Dan on vocals on "At Sundown" and "Hummin' To Myself". Dan also contributed vocals on "Everything Happens To Me" on HCSF's recent CD, "The Lady In Red". HCSF's new CD, "Claire De Lune", now available!
Professor Poster

Take a tour of Posterville to see the cream of 1960s psychedelic poster art. Learn some of the history of the artform, including the story behind the Charlatans' poster for their 1965 Virginia City, Nevada gig at the Red Dog Saloon. Now known in collectors' circles as "The Seed", it was that poster by Mike Ferguson and George Hunter started it all.
Summer of Love 30th Anniversary

In October 1997, the 30th anniversary of the Summer of Love was celebrated at Golden Gate Park. See Naomi and Maryann (with Mike Wilhelm on the right) on stage. Some nice Charlatans (including Dan) shots on this contact sheet.