A collection of publicity-related photos spanning some four decades.
Current high-resolution photos for media use may be found here.
Photographs sent in by Dan Hicks fans around the world!
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A short animation of Dan mugging for the camera of late LA rock promoter Michele Myer. Created from still images taken from a contact sheet, by Hicks fan Kennon Baird.
This one-minute MPG clip is from a rare 1969 film of the first Hot Licks lineup performing "Jukies' Ball" from the Original Recordings album. Shot in Los Angeles, California.
A silent 20-second 8mm clip of the 'classic' Hot Licks ensemble performing
"Where's The Money?", taken by Marvin Smith at the Fair Park
Band Shell in Dallas, Texas, 1972.
Thanks, Marvin, for sharing this rarity!

(MPG file – 2.78MB
Promotional material, clippings, set lists, ticket stubs, etc.
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