From: lotus52606
Date sent: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 00:05:59 -0000
Subject: Chicago's Abbey Pub show review

Saw Dan at the Abbey Pub in Chicago Tuesday the 25th of November. The
Abbey is an out of the way semi hole in the wall Irish tavern and club
that hosts a lot of Celtic and Bluegrass shows and squaredances and
that sort of thing. I'd say there were about 250-300 people there, a
full house. Dan started with Canned Music and then introduced The
Piano Has Been Drinking with a story about how he and Tom Waits go way
back and Tom lets his wife push him around and Tom won three million
dollars in a lawsuit because his music was used improperly in a car
commercial and Tom Waits is an "asshole" who doesn't have to work, all
said tongue in cheek. This would all be believable except I remember
reading that Dan barely knew Tom when Tom was on Beatin' the Heat, and
they don't go way back at all.

Anyway, some of the other songs I remember were Chattanooga Shoeshine
Boy, I Scare Myself, Evening Breeze (I love that song), `Long Come a
Viper, I Feel Like Singing, Payday Blues and a song I never heard
before that was, as my friend put it, "lovely". It was written by the
pianist Horace Silver and called Song for My Father. It was "real
good", as I put it. The encore was How Can I Miss You When You Won't
Go Away? I know I forgot a few songs but that's most of them.

It was a very entertaining show and the band seemed to be enjoying
themselves as much as the boisterous audience that kept bantering with
Dan. That guitarist sure does wiggle his head around a lot. He's the
bobble headed guitar man.

My friend had never heard of Dan and really enjoyed himself.
This was the second time I saw Dan, the first time I went on a whim
knowing next to nothing about him other than the songs I Scare Myself
and Canned Music. What a great surprise that show was. It was one of
the best shows I've ever seen out of the hundreds of bands I've seen
over the years. I became a serious fan overnight. Dan Hicks and the
Hot Licks make planet Earth a nicer place to live.