Date: June 11 2011
From:Charles Neukom
Subject: Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, Bright House Networks Amphitheatre, Bakersfield, CA
To: hixlist

What a wonderful venue that Dan remarked with the setting sun, most arrived with ice chests full of food, wine and beer and had a picnic before the 8pm show. We were in high spirits and even applauded Dan's entrance which he thanked us and said that was the end of the show, ha, ha ha.

Dan was more honk-tonk, maybe the song selection was due to being in Buck Owen country but it was sure different than other show I've seen. A comment from a friend and neophyte to Dan said more feature music from the "Lickettes", which I agree, they were both excellent, Roberta and Daria. The Lickmen consisted of only Paul Smith and Benito Cortez, no David Bell and what happened to to Richard Chon? Please see link below for redintion of "4 or 5 Times", Benito is great.

My unabashed rumor that Bob Dylan was going to be there was suplanted by Dan doing a lot Dylan impersonations along with Tom Waits. I know Dan doesn't have a computer and supposely doesn't read our posts, but "HI DAN". And since I have your ear, come back to Bakersfield record a live alblum at the Crystal Palace and call it "Back to Hicksville", Dan goes country.