Bayside Jazz with Dan Hicks
Sweetwater : Mill Valley CA : August 20 2005
Photos by Kennon Baird

Located on Throckmorton in downtown Mill Valley, Sweetwater has
hosted many of the biggest names in pop music.

Setting up.

Dan and the members of Bayside Jazz get organized.

A good crowd of appreciative fans gathers.


The cool sounds of jass begin.





Mr. Daniel I. Hicks, vocals and percussion...



... Mr. Paul Robinson on guitar...



... Mr. Mark Shinbrot on the keyboard ...



,,, Mr. Paul Smith on bass ...



... Mr. Ronny Bean, skins.



Ronny tries to concentrate as Dan kibbitzes on drums.

A favorite pose.

Giving out with the jass.



"That's the thing about jazz: it's either going to get better or it's going to get worse."



"Whoo, Child..."





Onward and upward with -- jass!