From: Dave
Date sent: Mon, 30 Aug 2004
Subject: Show Report: DHTHL @ Club Helsinki, Great Barrington, MA 8/18/2004

I've had the good fortune to see Dan many times over the years, but
the recent gig at Club Helsinki ranks near the top. The band was
absolutely superb - loose and swinging, very well rehearsed, and chops up
the wazoo. The lineup was Dan, Dave Bell (g), Paul Smith (b) Richard Chan
(v & m), Susan Rabin and Linda Grove (l). I'd have to say that Dave and
Richard are the best string players I've seen with Dan. Their ensemble
work and solos were terrific.

Club Helsinki is a cozy venue, and we had great seats thanks to my
brother Herb (a frequent partner in Dan crime), who reserved them the
nanosecond that the gig was announced 2 months ago. The club owner
introduced the band while holding his well worn copy of Strikin' it Rich,
saying that the main purpose for bringing Dan to the club was to have him
sign the album. The band was packed very tightly on a small corner stage,
but Dan and the Lickettes still managed to do some dance moves during Milk
Shakin Mama, much to the delight of the crowd. Dan was in fine voice and
dispensed his usual dry wit, noting that when he saw Great Barrington on
his tour itinerary, he "almost peed". Dan showed another side during
Song For My Father, which he sang with genuine affection, looking to the
sky at one point. I really enjoyed the numbers that I hadn't heard
before, like I Will See You In My Dreams, The Blues You Gave To Me, and
That Ain't Right. Incredibly, after so many years, Dan has never sounded
better IMHO. I can't wait for his upcoming CD "Selected Shorts", which he
announced would be available later this year.

Set List
Canned Music
I Will See You In My Dreams
The Piano Has Been Drinking
The Blues You Gave To Me
Song For My Father
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
I Scare Myself
Payday Blues
Long Comma Viper
Exactly Like You
That Ain't Right
Evening Breeze
Milk Shakin' Mama
How Can I Miss You
I Feel Like Singing

All de best,