From: John Caswell
Date sent: 20 Sep 2006
Subject: House of Blues, Anaheim CA, Sept.6 2006

A good time was had by all who attended Dan's show in downtown
Disneyland at The House Of Blues on September 6th.

Arriving early to get a good seat was not necessary with the smallish
crowd of around 200 - 250 people.

An interesting mix of obvious Hixters and newbie's (apparently spiffed
tickets from friends) who hadn't a clue they were going to see "The
Walking One and Only".

The tickets I bought on Ticketmaster were standing only even though I
requested best available when ordering.

House of Blues was happy to sell me upgrades for 2 seats for an additional
$50 bucks. A bouncer guarded the seats to make us feel oh so special.
Basically a real buzz kill that included little or no waitress service.
The bartender was good so I kept my tab going with him.

Mary Lee's Corvette opened as the sound team tried to get it together.
Polite applause was given in anticipation of the real show to come. I
could finally hear what she was singing by the last song.

Expecting Michelle Shocked to play next, a shocked audience was treated to
the curtains opening with Dan and The Hot Licks playing an instrumental
medley to heartfelt cheers and applause. This made it clear who the
audience had come to see and hear.

We were not disappointed in spite of the small crowd as Dan was in style
and good humor. He said he "had to push the bus and lost one and a half

All the guys were in vests and ties except Paul Smith, who appeared to be
wearing a jockey's silk shirt of green, gold and black.

Richard Chong on violin and mandolin sported a brown fedora.

The Lickette's, Roberta Donnay and Daria, wore slinky black outfits, with
Daria in a 20's or 30's type flapper hat.

Dan's black and white tie complimented his black & white shoes.

The whole band was "Sure lookin good"

After Long Come Viper, Dan announced that they would be playing "Caucasian
Hip Hop" for those that were not familiar with their music.

No name was given for the opening instrumental medley.

Set list:
Instrumental medley
Milk Shakin Momma
Long Come A Viper
The Piano Has Been Drinking ("Caribbean version" -Dan)
That Ain't Right
I Scare Myself ("as in manic/depressive - you might want to sit down"
Pennies From Heaven (Dan on tambourine and brush)
4 or 5 Times ("a Bob Wills tune")
Song For My Father
I Feel Like Singing

How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away

When Dan was asked to play How Can I Miss You during the set he told the
audience he "had sold that song to Willy Nelson"

Richard played a particularly good solo during I Scare Myself, so he is
really pushing to emulate Sid Page.

David Bell was "into it" as usual and I predict he will be the first Hot
Lick with a foo manchu mustache, baubble head doll out.

Paul was solid on an electric stand up bass (much thinner than his
acoustic bass).

A few dance steps were done by Dan and The Lickette's and of course Dan
was awesome playing lead guitar with his teeth, over the shoulder, between
his legs and behind the back.

The buzz was back after having seen such an intimate, humorous and upbeat

We expect there will be some new Hixters after this show.

Someone did get the set list Dan was using after the show and a few
autographs were signed by the Hot Licks. No mention of CD's for sale.

The crowd thinned considerably when Dan was done and I'm not sure if
Michelle Shocked actually shocked anyone other than by playing after

Frank Sinatra continued entertaining in the Karaoke bar as we left The
House Of Blues.

Happy Trails To All From Caz & Ginny in Utah