From: Larry Wilson
Date sent: Mon, 30 Aug 2004
Subject: Jazz Alley, Seattle WA, Aug. 29 2004

Hey Dan,

My wife and I, as well as two of our closest friends, had
the pleasure watching and listening to you last night for
the dinner show at the Jazz Alley in Seattle. My face is
still sore from all of the smiling I did. You were no
doubt the hottest ticket in Seattle this weekend.

I have been a fan of your's for years. The first time I
watched you and the Hot Licks perform was in Reno back in
the early '70's. Cheech and Chong opened the show for you,
and I remember it was hotter than hell inside the arena.
The crowd was getting a bit unruly because no one would
open up the big roll-up doors behind the stage until you
can up to the mic, and asked if someone would open the
f *** in' doors, which they did. You were a hero to all
that night!

Your slick style, the quality of your music, and your
sense of humor, as well as the talented musicians you
perform with, was definately noticed, and made for a most
enjoyable night for us. (Loved your "soft shoe").

Thanks Dan. I hope you make it back to Seattle again
soon. We love you man.

Larry Wilson
Seattle, WA