From: Ziggy
Date: Nov. 24 2003
Subject: Magic Bag, Ferndale MI, Nov. 23 2003

Dan played to a packed house in Detroit Sunday night. The venue was the
Magic Bag on famous Woodward Ave. An old movie theater converted into a
fantastic little club. Nothing to fancy, lots of flat black paint and
plywood giving it a comfy feely kinda basement rec room meets alternative
rock bar sorta feel.

The room filled quickly and the three dollar Molson Ices tasted like gold.
Dan wandered out once before the show to check his mike etc. and signed a
couple of albums (as in 12 inch) that a very geeked up fan had brought
with him and then disappeared until show time. Rumor trickled through the
bar that Dan was not feeling well and was going to do his best to play for

Once out on stage he didn't let anyone down. Although the limited banter
between songs was short and to the point and dealing with any hecklers was
handled in a firm loud F%#k You to the cheers of the crowd. He didn't show
any signs of feeling bad while playing! The Lickettes are an awesome team
and looked like they were having more fun than anyone in the room.

They left the room to a standing ovation and chants of "more more ".
People lined the stage hoping for autographs and meet n greets but the
lights came on and we were driven out by the clean up crew. I'm told he
usually plays longer but cut it short due to feeling ill.

I brought along a couple of ladies that listen to Dan's music while
sailing and drinking on my boat but never actually knew who he was. They
are now big fans and know Dan by name. The new DVD was on sale for $20 but
I forgot to pick it up on the way out (due to the $3 Molson ices) but I
will find one in time for sailing season.

Everyone in our group of five loved the show and can't wait to see him