Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 05:50:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Alan A'Dale"
Subject: Dan live in Manchester

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks
Manchester University Academy 3
Lancashire, England.
Sunday 20th July 2003

The day arrived. After years without being able to see
the Hot Licks live, in fact never having seen them
live at all, they turn up 12 miles away from our

Approaching the familiar route to Academy 3, there were
touts outside asking for spare tickets. There had been
little publicity for this gig in the area and we
feared a poor turn out. We got in the building and
almost every seat was taken. Lets hope the rest of the
UK jaunt is as successful.

Reviewing this concert is too hard. A plethora of
superlatives will bore you but that is all I can come
up with. This was the most beautiful, funny, clever,
spontaneous, organised concert of genius I've had the
pleasure of attending. My heart is a prisoner.

The line up was Brian Godchaux (violin, mandolin) Dave
Bell (guitar) Nick Kacal (bass) and Lickettes
Susan Rabin and Robyn ? on voc and perc. Some tall guy
at the front of the band announced himself to be Tony
Blair from New Dheli.

Set list was:
Canned Music
'Long came a viper
'It's evening I'll go' (forgot the title)
That Ain't Right
Hell I'd Go (featuring the Martianettes!)
I Scare Myself
I'll see you in my dreams (instrumental)
Exactly like you
I feel like singin'
Reelin' Down
Four Five Times
1st encore:
Payday blues
The buzzards was their friend
2nd encore:
Milk shakin' mama

The songs were performed magnificently throughout.
Dan's jokery and patter was the best. A personal high
point? I was about to get the drinks in as "Reelin'
Down" started - you know, a quiet moment to nip away.
I was absoluteley nailed to my seat by this one.

English audiences of our age aren't the type to dance
in the aisles, but I think the warmth, sincerity and
pleasure of those in attendance rushed over the band
in thick waves.

Tony Blair, the Lickettes and co. made themselves
available to autograph CD's at the end. Dan said he
would sign arms also - Mrs AAD has a thick blue X on
her forearm as a consequence.
Heck it was good. And we have the gig at Chester to
look forward to. Life don't get much better.