Date sent: Wed, 28 May 2003 14:13:40 -0400
From: Thomas King
Subject: Hell I'd Go

Hell I'd Go part 3
Portland, ME

The third night of the tour, found Dan at the altar. No Kidding! The
show was held at the State Street Church, in the sanctuary and the
altar was the stage. I guess their music couldn't get any more
heavenly than that!

Dan introduced himself as "Funky Danny" and
began their show at 8:00 PM. Once again Dan made a fashion statement
in black (as were the others ) with a very colorful shirt of
tropical fruits.

The play list for this evening:
Canned Music
Evening Breeze
Long Comma Viper
Hell I'd Go
That Ain't Right ( A great new toon )
- 1 Minute intermission -
I'll See You In My Dreams ( Done in Gypsy Jazz Style )
I Scare Myself
Exactly Like You
Payday Blues
I Feel Like singing
Peach Pickin Time In Georgia
Thank You Bob ( another great new toon )
Willie ( another great new toon )
Encore: Milk Shakin Mama, How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go away?

The show ended at 9:40 PM. Dan came out front and signed autographs
and talk to everybody. We Went back inside and got the Hot Licks to
sign autographs. Then we chatted with Dave, Susan ( My new
girlfriend, don't tell the wife ) and Robin. We Can not wait until
they come back, so we can do this again.

TK & Bad Gramma Baby