On the Road with Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks
McCall Summer Music Festival
Roseberry, Idaho : July 2004
Photos and Captions courtesy of Lickette Susan Rabin

Lodgings in Donnelly, Idaho. The vacancy sign somehow suggests the Bates Motel.
The place was weird - all the rooms kind of connected. Some had kitchens that were quite funky.
There was NO AIR CONDITIONING. They supplied us with old fans that were inadequate.

Lickettes Linda Groves & Susan Rabin enjoy a local artist's floral creations.
The lady must be retired to have that much time on her hands.


Tools of the Lickette Trade. After careful packing of the percussion bag, the airlines broke a
shaker and made a mess. Linda repaired the shaker and we decided not to sue.


Lickette Linda is horrified at guitarist Dave Bell's idea of cold prevention.


Rat Pack Homage?
Linda Groves, Dan Hicks, Susan Rabin & Dave Bell


The four of us handled the gig in Roseberry with our usual style.