COMBINED REPORTS - The Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA March 8 2003

Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003
From: Horace M. Crider
Subject: Tin Angel Report...March 8, 2003

The Tin Angel, an intimate venue with seating capacity a little over a hundred, was blessed with two super shows early this past March 8th.
The line-up included: Tom Mitchell-Lead Guitar, Brian Godchaux-Violin/Mandolin, Paul Smith-String Bass,the always exciting Robin & Susan on Harmony Vocals and assorted noise making devices..oh yea, "The Man" doing the singing and comedy routines.

The opening husband and wife team of Betty relation to the poet..was not what my entourage came to hear.. but we must accept opening acts occasionally. We did.

Dan worked the crowd with that certain flair cultivated by years of criss crossing the United States ...and opening for The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Did you know the band is paid by the minute not by the song. The set list as I wrote it ..not the one I ripped off the stage is as follows:

Early show........ Late Show

Canned Music
Cowboy's Dream # 19 - this can be played at my funeral
Bar Stool Boogie
Honeysuckle Rose
Cowboy's Dream # 19
Smoke Your Blowin'
Long Comes a Viper
The Buzzard was Their Friend
Smoke Your Blowin'
Bottoms Up
How Can I Miss You etc.
Payday Blues
See You in My Dreams
Long Comes a Viper
Scare Myself
Scare Myself
Evenin' Breeze Hell I'd Go
Reelin' Down
Bartender Lend Me Your Car
Exactly Like You

Encore....Milk Shakin' Mama

Encore..I Feel Like Singin'

Dan...see you on the return trip...........Horace, just outside Atlantic City


Date sent: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 14:28:08 -0500
From: Tom Starner
Subject: Tin Angel, Philadelphia

The Tin Angel
Saturday, March 8
Philadelphia, PA
(Early Show)

Being a dedicated Hixster since I first saw Dan and the band in ‘72 (at a
small club called Jabberwocky on the Syracuse U campus, all for the unreal
price of $2.50), I never miss Dan when he brings his act to Philadelphia.
Saturday night’s show (the early set) was postponed from last October, but
when the folks at the Tin Angel called to let me know, my quick answser
was "Hell, I'd go." Was there ever a doubt?

Anyway, the early show started 10 minutes late, about 7:10 p.m. The
opening act, folkie Betty Dylan, had a fantastic voice, but my wife and I
felt Betty and her husband (the other half of the act) went on a little
too long, finishing up close to 8. As much as we liked Betty, Hicks fans
don’t have much patience with opening acts. We had two good friends along
for the ride, and they had no idea what they were about to see and hear.
And as is always the case, they immediately wanted to get a list of all of
Dan’s CDs as soon as we got home from the show.

Our seats were front row, and because the Tin Angel is basically a
Philly rowhouse (20 feet wide by 80 feet deep), so we were practically on
stage. Speaking of which, how Dan, Robin, Susan, Paul, Brian and Tom are
able to fit on the 8’ x 8’ stage is one of life great mysteries. But they
do it every time and still manage to get in that hilarious dance sequence.

Unscripted comedy highlight of the night: When Dan sarcastically asked for
more volume on the his mike monitor, he thanked the local sound guy, “even
though I didn’t catch your name.” Within seconds the lights went out.
Dan’s quick comeback: “That isn’t the first time that’s happened.” The
crowd ate it up.

Of course, few people on hand didn’t know what to expect, so the
applause was strong from the opener, “Canned Music,” right through to the
encore, the always great “I Feel Like Singing.” As noted, we
earlyshow-goers probably were dissed a bit on the encore (only one song)
because it was about 9:30 and there was a 10 p.m. show. But that’s what
happens when you’re getting old and can only make the early show. Not
complaining though, because the band was tight from start to finish, and
there wasn’t a wasted moment.

I snagged a song set from the floor on the way out, but there was some
improvising (the songs aren’t in perfect order as a result):

1. Canned Music
2. Barstool Boogie
3. Cowboy’s Dream #19
4. Along Came a Viper
5. That’s Just the Smoke They’re Blowin’
6. I’ll See you in My Dreams (Dan’s guitar “solo” is one of the funniest
moments ever in a live music show).
7. How Can I Miss You?
8. I Scare Myself
9. Evenin’ Breeze
10. Reelin Down (my all-time favorite Hicks tune)
11. Exactly Like You (the show-stopping dance moves were hysterical, as
always) Encore
12. I Feel Like Singing

It would have been great to hear “I Don’t Want Love” and another of my
all-time favorites, “Where’s the Money?” but all in all, it was another
unrelenting night of Hicks music and lyrical magic. Dan’s deadpan is
second to none, and his trance-like facial expressions are enough to force
you to laugh all on their own.

A final note. When we arrived for dinner at the downstairs restaurant
(Serrano), Dan and the Band were just arriving as well. My friends wanted
me to say something as Dan stood there, but I resisted. For 31 years, I’ve
been a Hicks fan, and I didn’t want to ruin my spotless run of never
yelling out a song request nor bugging him before a show. Mission
accomplished. My friend, Gerry, did get to hold the door for the
Lickettes, Robin and Susan, and he was smitten by those two, both “real
good lookin', of course.”