From: CAZ
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 23:43:31 EDT
Subject: Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, Ca June 26,2003

We made it to the Belly Up Tavern by 7:45 for the 8:00 show according to
the tickets. The doors had been opened 90 minutes early so all the
tables on the dance floor were taken and filled with eager Dan Fans
eatin' and drinkin'. Many Hawaiian shirts and smiles awaiting the Tall
Walkin' One And Only. None of the Belly Up staff of youngsters had a
clue who Dan was, so I can only hope they paid some attention.

We politely listened to the warm up band from Kentucky that featured some
good vocals, an accordion, acoustic guitars and a percussionist without
a normal drum kit playing without drum sticks. Pretty mellow, but way
too reverent for this crowd. I didn't catch their name and mostly
squirmed in my seat through their 5 or 6 songs in anticipation of the
REAL SHOW. Seems Dan should have a comedian open for him rather than
another band.

We managed to get a bench seat up close to the stage on the right with a
perfect view, about 15 feet from center stage with no one in front of us.
I'm just a lucky Irishman I guess. This position put us right on the
aisle of traffic, but would turn out to be the spot to be when Dan and
the Hot Licks entered the Belly Up to head backstage before the show
started. After greeting Dan and a new violin player as they brushed by
us, I welcomed the Lickettes with "You girls are sure lookin' nice
tonight". "Why thank you" they said with a smile. And smiles is what
the audience got this night.

Dan took a while to warm up the crowd, and didn't have to really scold
any hecklers, but rather had some fun with most of the comments from the
crowd. Dan was decked out in a black shirt (satin I think), white pants
and black patent leather shoes with some white stripes. Paul Smith had
his skinny stand up electric bass working overtime all night. David Bell
smiled all night on guitar, with Richard Chon in a white Panama hat
doing the honors on violin as the new guy in the band equipped with the
sheet music and stand. Richard did seem to loosen up more as the night
went on and was much more relaxed on his improvised solos. Chris DeWolf
and Susan Rabin were definitely Blonde Lickettes for this show as they
had promised Dan over the phone in their interviews for the gig. In
fact, identical blondes who might just wear their hair nets for the next
show without their blonde wigs. As usual they helped out on percussion
and Susan also doubled on Uke. Dan has played The Belly Up before and
did seem at ease knowing what to expect. He was quite talkative and very
funny at times talkin' about "me and Monk workin' together". He also did
some dancing with the Lickettes and by himself. He did some Bob Dylan
and his deadpan rap was on tonight as the audience smiled all the way

The set played included:
Canned Music
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
Is This My Happy Home
That Ain't Right (new number)
'Long Come A Viper
I Scare Myself
Exactly Like You
Song For My Father( written by Horace Silver and the first time performed
in public by Dan, quite touching for me as my Dad passed away recently)
he should keep this one in the show based on the demographic of this
I Feel Like Singing
Reelin' Down
Evenin' Breeze
Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia

Encore 1- The Buzzard Was Their Friend
Encore 2- How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away

I managed to snag a set list off the stage as follows:
WILD BOUT my lovin'
EVE Breeze
Hard day's Night

I'm not sure if he really intended to do Hard Day's Night, but that might
sum up his feelin's at this time. I managed to get some pictures on my
digital camera (no flash please according to the young Belly Up employee)
that I will try to get to you as soon a I figure out how to get them
attached to an email on my computer. Dan was very accommodating and
signed a set list for me, and I snagged a cheat sheet for "That Ain't
Right". Also got a 15 second movie with him after the show when I thought
it would just be a picture of us. Yes Dan Is Tall. Dan worked on the new
CD for "about a week" recently, but too busy touring right now.

Regards, CAZ in San Diego this week