Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks
Henry Miller Memorial Library
Big Sur, California
June 28 2003
Photos by Ken & Kathy

Tucked away in this grove of redwood trees is the Henry Miller Memorial Library.



The Library entrance on scenic Highway One.


Hicks fans await the opening of the gates after Dan completed his sound-check.



Fans settle in under the redwoods.


The sun and fog took turns setting the mood throughout the day.




The sound quality was excellent.



Guitar master Dave Bell, with Henry Miller himself looking on in approval. Dave was cookin'!



Violinist Richard Chon, the newest Hot Lick.



Bassist Corky Rodriguez not only sounded good, he looked good in his summery threads.

"We're night-time people on a daytime binge, ladies and gentlemen."

Lickettes Trish DeWolf and Susan Rabin were especially sassy!

Uh oh...

Such bad, bad girls...

Many fans did the Big Sur Boogie... and who could blame them?



Poetry in motion - that's our Dan.



Some tasty harp licks from The Man.



Folks sure had trouble keepin' their feet still.



A happy crowd groovin' to great sounds.


Thanks, Dan & Hot Licks, for a lovely time in beautiful Big Sur!