Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 04:41:49 -0600
From: Loren Schooley
Subject: Dallas 011900

Dallas report:
Dan and Tom at Blue Cat Blues, Deep Ellum. 

Dan picked up some guitar picker on the street and asked him to play.  His name was Tom Mitchel and wielded a Gibson guitar and mandolin.  He sang one song "Slow Boat to China".  I might add those are some psychedelic eyes he has :)

Sorry I'm not to hip on all the song titles, I know he did like "Long Black Viper", referencing it to his religious experience in Alaska?   "I Hate Myself".  A song or two off'n his upcoming Surf Dog record w/Gary Hoey.  A couple of requests, one about the drunken O'Rielly getting his head smashed.  He exclaimed we would all be going outside and show (Deep Ellum) some shocking behavior, "---not saying I condone violence......but I don't knock it down, either"  Said Dan. (How do you convey him in mere print??)  He did a Lickette tune, doing all the vocals, with a little help from Tom.

George Benson, Sean Penn, Madonna:  "They can fuck all of themselve's." quipped hilarious Dan on several occasions.

A sweet gal in attendance had 3 stages of laughs, all beautifull.  It would start out normal, then she'd snort like a pig, then roar out the sound of a locomotive horn.  She did a better horn than SouthernPacific.  Awesome :)

I'd guess 50 or 60 folks in attendance.  Mostly upper middle aged.  I'd say some of these young punks in bands down in Deep Ellum should have come over and taken notes on entertainment and good times from Dan.   Generally bands in the area get on stage, bleed, wank off and avoid all eye contact.

This is my first experience with Dan Hicks.  The guy is good.  I fell in love. None of the records or stories or pictures gave us a hint of who he really is.  He's one hell of a guy.  I'm sure he'd have somthing sarcastic to say about that :) 

Price for scotch: $10.50 for a wimpy 1 finger glass.  In the words of Dan; Blue Cat Blues can "...fuck all of itself."

Loren and Marianne