From: Sandy Ferber
Date sent: Mon, 13 Jan 2003
Subject: The Bottom Line - Early Show

Hi Hicksters. Dan's early show at the Bottom Line (in Greenwich Village,
NYC) on 1/11 was a lot of fun. The place was jammed, although not sold
out, and the crowd seemed really into the two bands that night. First up
was a trio from Louisiana called the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band. They played
for around 45 minutes and were tasty as can be. Then Dan the Man and the
band came on and kicked tuchus for the next 90. These guys are as cool as
cool can be, and Dan's stage patter continues to be the funniest in the
business. We were treated to lots of nice oldies that night: "Canned
Music" (the opener), "Milk Shakin' Mama" (the closer), and "I Scare
Myself" from the first album; a beautiful "Reelin' Down" and "I Feel Like
Singing" from "Where's the Money" (still my favorite Hicks album, and one
of the finest live albums of all time, IMHO); "Long Come a Viper" (which
Dan still insists on calling a singalong!) from "Hicksville"; and
"Barstool Boogie" from "Shootin' Straight." Plus lots of other tasty
favorites. All the members of the band are just so good, and those
Lickettes...mmm mmm mmm...tasty as can be! Dan and the gals even did some
hoofing at one point, which never fails to bring the house down. What a
terrific act! I wish Dan would grace us Big Apple folks more often. His is
always a welcome presence!