From: Rich Donnelly
Date sent: Fri, 06 Sep 2002
Subject: Seattle Report

So I guess everyone's being pretty tight lipped on recent performances, eh? I still want to know who was the tall blonde Lickette in Seattle.

Dang, I knew I was going to regret not writing down her name! Anybody know who she is? I'm amazed at how Dan has these interchangeable parts to his band and yet mostly still manages to sound as tight and consistent as ever.

Anyway...a few impressions of the show last Saturday at Bumbershoot in Seattle. It was the largest crowd I'd seen for a Dan show...the outdoor lawn/amphitheater holds well over 1000, and it was packed. But so was most everything at Bumbershoot. In a coup of scheduling ineptitude, the other "must-see" for me at the festival -- Tony Rice and Peter Rowan -- was happening at exactly the same time elsewhere. Of course I had to go with Dan.

He put on a great set I thought, and seemed to warm to the crowd as it progressed. Those of us in the front were pretty into it, and I wondered if the vibe was as great if you were standing in the back. The guitar player was David Bell (not the Giants 3B, har har). Every time I see Brian Godchaux play violin I am more impressed.

While I didn't keep a setlist, they played Payday Blues, Canned Music, Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy, The Piano Has Been Drinking (I think the only one from Beatin' the Heat, as we only got the Lickette echo of the album title one time), and an outstanding I Scare Myself. (Sometimes we do this song in Spanish, but today we're just going to give you the title in Spanish. It's called 'Yo Scare Myself.'")

An extra treat was Portlander Jamie Leopold coming out to play bass on a couple of songs. I had a nice chat with Jamie, Brian, and Hixlister Bill from Liberty Lake afterward. Judging by the line of people with freshly-bought CDs waiting for autographs after the set, Dan won some new fans that day.