COMBINED REPORTS - Camden County College, Blackwood NJ, March 8 2001

From: Chris Kane
Subject: Dan Hicks 3/8/01

Hay Shorty,

I guess you're the guy that gets the Dan Hicks reports from the "field".....well I was out in the field last week and I saw Dan at Camden County College and thought I'd send in my report.

I had never been to Camden County College (or even heard of it for that matter) but they have a real nice little theatre over there. I was with my wife and three friends and we arrived a little late for the opening act (Amber Delaurentis ?). We kind of snuck in and slipped into our front-row seats and tried to act a little invisible. She was very good and kind of reminded all of us of a young Bonnie Raitt. She also was accompanied by a very nice acoustic guitarist. After her 35-40 minute set there was a little break and then Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks came on, with the Lickette's in tow. I think he started with Canned Music.

Dan as well as the entire band sounded just excellent. The quaility of the sound system was outstanding. Dan looked a little tired and even appeared to be a bit snarly, but I had never seen him before, so maybe that's just the way he is. As the show progressed he seemed to get looser and (as I read somewhere else) he did his fake guitar solo, complete with biting the strings and acting like Alvin Lee...pretty funny. The show was very enjoyable but I was kind of disappointed for Dan because of the attendance. There were only about 100 people there (in a theatre that held 300-400 maybe). I'm surprised
that this show didn't get more promotion from the Philly area (a la WXPN)....anyway it was a real fun night and I look forward to seeing him again.

Chris Kane
Philadelphia, Pa.

From: Horace Crider
Subject: Blackwood ,NJ report ...March 8,2001

Dan started the show by requesting that the the ""pop" that was in the sound system be dispatched. Dan's approach to that request had the audience of about 150 on alert that this guy with the guitar was one "cool dude".

Many in attendance seemed unfamiliar with with what they were in store for. There were 9 first time fans that came with me. Am I eligible for a T-shirt? Early in the set there was some audience participation with a guy named George who didn't understand there are no requests. Dan worked on him a few times and got a lot of laughs from the now warmed up gang of 150. Not much from his latest effort was played as you'll see by the set list. This venue seats 660 and with advance sales of "a little over 100" (per the ticket desk) the joint seemed empty. I was talking to some fans who told me they had just become aware of the production through an announcement at a local coffee house. Talk about NO promotion! The location, Camden County College, Blackwood, NJ (Dan thought it was Blackhawk) is in a populated area but tough to find for the out of towner. The Philly crowd was not attendance as it was at The Point in Bryn Mawr, Pa. last October. But the show went on and it was a good one. The set went about 100 minutes. Were the folks that came with me were enjoying it too? They were. They did!

A fan in Jersey..Horace C.

The lineup: The usual suspects!
Dan, Tom, Brian, String Bass (missed his name-thin , know the type), Annibelle, Susan.

Set from the stage floor:

Canned Music
Fell like singin'
How can I
Comes Love
End of a Love Affair
I Got Mine
Wild- Lovin'
Neck o' Chicken

Shootin' Straight
The title escapes me..a slow effort about rainstorm, snow, fire, nightmare, depression, headache, toothache.

From: Julia Peters
Subject: Blackwood (or Blackhawk) NJ

I saw the concert at Camden County Community College in Blackwood NJ last Thursday and I have to say it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. I loved it. I have been listening to Dan's music since I stole my brother's album back in the 1970's. I was really glad to find his music on cd (the albums had a way of sounding like radio free Europe after a while). I was really glad to get to see him and the band in a small venue as I did. The music was wonderful, the musicians were all truly talented, and Dan was very entertaining and truly is the hippest guy around. The only thing missing were the campy outfits from the 70's. Please pass my gratitude along to Dan and band for being such a fine musician for all these years.

Julia Peters