From: oak1day
Date sent: Mon, 02 May 2005
Subject: Dan & Co. in Carrboro, NC


I used to be on this list but got too busy personally to keep up.
Mostly still am. But I rejoined just to report on the great show at
the Carrboro Arts Center on Friday April 29.

I took 4 neighbors with me who were new to Dan's music. Everyone had a
really good time. I'd prepped them with a composite sample of Dan's work
from the Moody Richard days through Selected Shorts. The only thing I'm
missing is the first release with Waitin for the 103 on it. (Too bad -
that is such a good collection).

I think that 'teaser' helped and gave them some idea of what to
expect. We had front row seats and all had a blast. One of our crowd is a
musician and of course, once any band Dan has assembled starts playing,
from the first note, you can relax,

A few troubles with the sound set up and a dad pushed his little girl up
onstage to sing The Euphonious Whale. I kind of held my breath waiting to
see what would happen. But Dan took it in stride. It WAS aggravating to
not hear Dan play it, as we would of if that had not happened. But it WAS
a nice tribute.

Dan seemed in quite a good humor afterwards with the way things
turned out. He sold out all the CD's and was signing stuff for
folks.It was pretty much a capacity house. I think the Arts center
holds 250-300.

I should know the names of the band because we all spoke. But I
don't. I sure won't forget though. I very much enjoyed our
conversation. Anyone have the current lineup?

The new backup singer from DC did great. It was her first night.

Anyway, it was real good to welcome them to Carrboro. I almost went
to Charlotte for more, but Saturday ended up to busy for that to