From: mark grier
Date sent: Mon, 02 May 2005
Subject: Charlotte Show

The Man and the band were incredible Saturday night. Band had all new
faces and was much tighter than when I saw him in Asheville, NC a couple
of years ago.

His lead guitar, Dave Bell I believe, was a maniac, his licks and antics
were sensational. The fiddle-mandolin player, Chon, I believe,
is I risk sacrilege...better than Sid!! The bassman, Paul
Smith, inf**kingcredible! ...The Lickettes, Linda and Roberta present a
challenge to the Mary Ann and Naomi dare I say!

And Dan...he was Tall, humorous, sarcastic and athletic....kicking that
leg, dancing with the Lickettes, jerking his neck around, "movin' and a
groovin' with the beat".

The sound was crisp, lyrics clean and audible and the band was.....well,
to use a cliche'..tighter than Dick's hatband!!!!

"Maureen" was invited onstage for Payday Blues, her "74th Birthday"
according to Dan. She looked more fiftyish. Her husband or boyfriend
climbed up onstage with a bad rag on which fell off towards the end of the
song. Maureen and her man danced with the Lickettes. I think the inpromptu
visitors made Dan a little nervious at first, but they behaved and he
ended up working them into the lyrics and high fiving them. The crowd was
delighted by the antics.

The Neighborhood Theatre was fairly well packed, sold out I heard,
intereractive, enthusiastic and appreciative.

Most of the people I talked to were previously unfamiliar with Dan....but
were wide-eyed and reverent with what they experienced!!! Dan did a
one-song encore and the crowd was begging for a second which did not

Dan asked if "Funboy" was at the show, he said Funboy lives in the
Charlotte area. Anybody know what that is about?

Songs that I recall, first three in that order:

Canned Music
Honeysuckle Rose
Along Come A Viper
Hell I'd Go
I Scare Myself
Piano Has Been Drinking
Barstool Boogie
Payday Blues
Where's The Money
Buzzard Was Their Friend
I Feel Like Singing

Thanks Dan!!!!!!



Subject: Charlotte, NC (mail to Shorty)
Date sent: Tue, 03 May 2005

I happened to be in Charlotte, NC on May 1st and caught
Dan & the HL's at a small and very hip club. I have to say
it was brilliant. As always, surrounded by virtuosos and
throwing his slapstick at the audience like knuckle balls.
I have been catching Dan Hicks and the HL's since 1969
throughout the Bay Area, at the Sonoma County Christmas
Fair as The Dan Hicks Christmas Jug Band, and now in
Boulder, CO at the Boulder Theatre and beyond. As I age, I
like the strings that connect over time and Dan is one of
those strings.

Ps. Don't miss The Sons of Champlin if you happen to have
the chance.

Long live Hicksville.

Bill Stewart