From: Joe Calomino
Subject: "Once a Dan Hicks fan-Always a Dan Hicks Fan"

Abby Pub Chicago, Il. Jan.26-27, 2001
"Once a Dan Hicks fan, always a Dan Hicks fan." If you have ever seen Dan live you know what I'm talking about. For the last 25 years or so a small group of friends and I have seen Dan every time he has played in Chicago. This was the first time Dan toured with the Hot Licks "Chicks". First at the Old Town School Music Hall and now at the Abby Pub. (inbetween my wife and I went to Califorina to see him in Santa Barbara) Dan with out the girls is great but with them he is unbelieveable! They really add that one and only sound that is Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks.

Friday, the Abby had a good size crowd. After the show Dan and the band hung around to talk to the crowd. I had the pleasure to meet the "Lickettes" and they are two of the sweetest young ladies I have ever meet. I asked Annabelle if touring with Dan is as much fun as it looks. She said it's better because you never know what he is going to do next. If you have seen Dan you know that inbetween songs Dan has the best dry humor in the world and it is not from a script. Every time you see him he has something different to say.

Saturday, Dan played at Borders Book Store. The band played a few songs and signed CD's. After saying hello to the Lickettes again, Susan named me their "Official Groupie" The Abby Pub was packed with at least three times as many fans as Friday'. In the front row was the token-totally drunken heckler who never shut-up. Dan handled him very well. He played 22 songs to a packed house that loved every second of it. Three close friends of mine, who have never seen Dan before said it was awesome! (And one of them hates everything)

If you have never seen Dan you are truly missing an evening of great music, happy feet and lots and lots of laughs, then you'll know why "Once a Dan Hicks fan , always a Dan Hicks fan"...

Joe Calomino