From: Hiroshi Nakamura
Date sent: Mon, 30 Aug 2004
Subject: Dan & The Hot Licks
Shibuya Club Quattro, Tokyo

Dear Hixters.

Tom's Cabin updated the photos of the Japan Tour at their website.

You can see the song list of the final show in Tokyo by handwriting (by
Dan?) at the report. But they didn't play tunes according to the list. I
wrote down each titles while they were playing songs.

The songs they played at the show on Feb.27.

1st set
1. Chattanooga Shoe-Sine Boy
2. Canned Music (he said this story was based on his experience. the lyrics was the updated version)
3. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me (I guess he learned it from Jim Kweskin Jug Band)
4. Evenin' Breeze (I was glad to hear it live for the first time)
5. Piano Has Been Drinking (before he played the song he mimicked the singing of Tom Waits)
6. That Ain't Right
7. I Feel Like Singing (he said the song had been written for the Beatles)
8. I Scare Myself ( I wore the sunglasses just like the Licketts did when he sang it)

15 minutes intermission

2nd set
1. Give Me The Simple Life (the famous Jazz standard tune. I want to see Bayside Jazz)
2. How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away (he sang it like Bob Dylan)
3. Long Comma Viper
4. One More Cowboy
5. Willie
6. Sure Had A Wondeful Time (I was surprised at this Louis Jordan's classics)
7.The Buzzard Was Their Friend
8. Payday Blues


1. unknown (it seemed the impromptu song dedicated to the staff of the
Tom's Cabin)
2. Milk Shakin' Mama

The show was perfect. They played the songs more than the show on Feb.22
that night. Dan was the great entertainer. Sometimes we couldn't
understand his joke, but I think he always tried to communicate with the
audience in his way.

I've heard he worried about if the audience understand his jokes and
humors when he came to Japan at the first time in 1989. He overcame the
problem of the language barrier completely on this tour, I think. He
always said something funny everytime before he started songs. Even though
sometimes we couldn't understand what he said, we could laugh at his
actions or gestures. Of course the music they played were wonderful. We
enjoyed the great entertainment. There was no drummer on the stage, but I
could hear the sound of Dan's rhythm guitar clearly. He was the great
rhythm guitar player, too.

The Club Cuattro (the house they performed at) was full of the audience.
The advance tickets were almost sold out. I heard more than 700 people
came there. There were many young people who hadn't been born yet when the
Original Hot Licks recorded albums. There were also many old fans
including me. Each of audience got excited at their performance.

I know there are many Dan Hicks fans who have no chance to see his
performance in the world. I thought it was the first and last time to see
his show in Japan when he came to Japan for the first time with The
Acoustic Warriors in 1989. I had no idea he reformed the Hot Licks again
then. I could see his performance twice a week in Tokyo. How lucky I am! I
want to thank Tom's Cabin for their effort. They always plan the concert
that we want to see.

I forgot to say one important thing.
Dan is tall!

Thanks for reading.