Date sent: Wed, 09 Jul 2003
To: Shorty <>
From: Clyde the slyde
Subject: Copia!!!!!!!!!!

I had the good fortune to be present at a venue in Napa called
"Copia" on Monday july 7th.

I have been a Dan Hicks fan for over 25 years and I have seen him
many times when he has graced the stages in the Bay Area.; however
I was totally blown away by Dans new band paridigm "Dan Hicks and
the Side Kicks" Dans style while always being on the "Jazzy" side of
country swing has always swung like crazy; however in the confines of
the "hot licks" Dan has not exhibited the vocal jazz stylings, scatting, and
sheer range of inflections that he does with the sidekicks. Dan definitely
is on a par with many of the Jazz singing greats of the 20th century.

Dans rendition of Song for my father was very soulfull!; that song
also featured an incredible flute solo from the woodwind man;
(who my wife kept insisting looked like an older version of a fabled
Dan Hicks guitarist from the 70s "Louie the Ace"). whoever he was that
guy can play!!!!!. The pianist also took a great solo on that tune.
I think his name is Brian Clock.

Speaking of the band, my wife pointed out to me that the drummer played
in the same 70s Hicks incarnation as the sax man; I think his name is Bobby
"the duke" Earl. he kept superb time all night and took a couple of great solos!.
The guitarist "Paul Robinsworth" I think played with Dan as a duo or trio a few
years ago; he sounded good! and took a killer solo on " I scare myself" as did the
flute and piano men.

I have seen the bassman with Dans current hot licks lineup ; I think his name is
Corkey Smith; what a wonderfull player! solid and soulfull! and very articulate
on his solos.

Dan and the band did an incredible version of a tune made popular
by "Louis Jordan" "That old black magic; the saxman set it up brilliantly
and then Dan came in and "tore the tune up" the saxman then procceded to
tear it up on his solo and then Dan took it on home." Man!!!! what a

Dan also threw in a few more of the tunes that his fans know him
for, he did a killer version of "Peach Pickin time in Georgia" with a neat
clarinet solo and a sweet guitar solo. He kicked things off with "I got
mine" which sounded great.

Dan was his usual laconic self; he is one of the most interesting
and witty performers I have ever seen; he fielded comments from the
"peanut gallery" with his special brand of wit and humour.

One tune that really stood out was called "Song for; or line for
Lions" it started with the saxman playing the melody with a beautifull mellow
tone, kind of like "Stan Getz or Paul Desmond. Then Dan sang the melody
and it was just beautifull.

Dan seems really at home with this group, he was scatting and
grooving like a man possesed and when the saxman blew some really
hot licks it would spur Dan on to new hights! very exciting!

All in all it was one heck of a show! the crowd loved everything, the
sound system was very good and "thats all folks"

Clyde the slyde