From: Clint Harm
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 17:47:15 -0600
Subject: Dan at the Bluebird Theater, Denver 8/3/01

Hey, I 1st heard Dan in my Dentists chair in Boulder in '74. Went nuts and still do! I'm a one person advertisement for his works and everyone in my circle of friends now knows Dan Hicks and his music. The other night I brought several friends and my wife with me for a live visit to see my "hero". I'm too old for a groupy status but something close. Dan looked and sounded tired. The two intro groups just didn't cut it and then Dan played way too short a time. If the group hadn't been so spectacular the last time through, I wouldn't be so disappointed. Tom Mitchell was great and I missed his talents on this nights performance. He's had a long show schedule and needs a long rest. I sent friends in Chicago and NY to see him and they were thrilled, I'm glad they didn't see him the other night.