Early Muses
Released 1998

Dan has said that this CD is "for the connoisseur", but we think that anyone interested in Dan’s music would truly enjoy this collection of very early and, in some cases, very personal material (the CD opens with an 11-year-old Dan doing a brief duet of "Home On The Range" with his father).

The booklet which accompanies it is written by Dan, and provides not only a delightful autobiography, but insights into the creative processes behind each song on the CD. It also features a number of photos and clippings from Dan’s early years.

The instrumentation is fairly sparse on these tunes, which is good, for we’re able to get into Dan’s vocalizing just that much more.

"He Don’t Care" (the "stoned" song) has recently found its way back into Dan’s repertoire, and even appears on "Beatin' The Heat", released August 2000.

Dan Hicks – vocal, guitar, autoharp, banjo, harmonica, percussion
David LaFlamme –
Jaime Leopold –
acoustic bass
Jon Weber –

Home On The Range
Waitin’ For The "103"
How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?
Slow Movin’
Shorty Goes South
The Innocent Bystander
The Jukies’ Ball
Euphonious Whale
He Don’t Care
The Gypsy’s Secret
O’Reilly At The Bar
My Old Timey Baby
Shall I ask An Elf?
Living With A Lie
I’ve Got A Capo On My Brain
Canned Music
Love Bug Blues
All-Day Sucker
The Laughing Song
Fallin’ Apart