Obscure and Rare Advertising Material - Performance Souvenirs - Etc. CLICK PICS TO VIEW.
Ca. 1968 - Business Card
Courtesy of Pedar Ness
1970 - Erotic pose handbill, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks Valentine's shows, Brown's Hall, Mill Valley CA.
Danhicks.net Collection
1971 - Review from the San Diego Union. It's a Beautiful Day and Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks open for the Chambers Brothers at the Sports Arena.
Danhicks.net Collection
1971 - Billboard and Cash Box clippings - Dan & the Hot Licks at the Gaslight, New York City.
Photocopy of a paste-up done on a Blue Thumb Records letterhead. Also shows photo of Dan with members of the Hot Licks, Paramount Records rep, and WNEW-FM radio personnel.
Courtesy of Dennis Murphy Schwann

May 1972 - KSAN (San Francisco) radio ad for "Where's The Money?" and "Striking It Rich".
Can you spot the blooper? This rare 30-second MP3 promo is from the Ron Middag Collection at the Bay Area Radio Museum . Thanks to Director David F. Jackson for sharing it with Hicks fans.

1972 - Feature article about Gretchen Sherman. Sherman was manager of Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks when "Where's The Money?" was released. From the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, Jan. 16, 1972.
Danhicks.net Collection -- Large File
1972 - Ticket with misspelled name. Montana State University gig.
Courtesy of Dennis Murphy Schwann
1972 - Print ad for gig at the EMU Ballroom, University of Oregon.
Danhicks.net Collection
1972 - Blue Thumb Records/Famous Music invitation to reception for Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, Max's Kansas City, NYC. Danhicks.net Collection
1998 - Rare poster by Dan for "Early Muses".
Danhicks.net Collection
2002 - Dan's set list from "Holidaze in Hicksville", The Fillmore, San Francisco CA.
Danhicks.net Collection
ca. 2001 - Bayside Jazz set list from from The Baltic, Point Richmond CA.
Danhicks.net Collection
2000 - Tickets from the Dan Hicks & Mike Wilhelm Red Dog Saloon show, Virginia City NV.
Danhicks.net Collection
2003 - Dedicated Dan-fan Hawkeye Hawayek's ride sports snazzy plates.
Courtesy of Hawkeye
2004 - Setlist from March 11 Bayside Jazz gig, The Baltic, Point Richmond CA
Penwork by Susan Pilkenton, scan by Mike "He Don't Care" Zim
2005 - Framed memorabilia from the collection of Donald Hanko
2005 - Fantasy CD cover - Dan & Tom Waits - by artistic UK Hixter Johnny Bull.
He says:
"It's a cheesy little mock-up of a bootleg sleeve of Dan and Tom to celebrate the non-event at Jongleurs I waxed so lyrically about; includes a sticker advertising the fact that they perform one of Paul McCartney's more irritating ditties to celebrate the tall one's approaching birthday. Which is, of course, pushing things a bit far."