From: Wendy Lapides
Date sent: May 5 2006
Subject: Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks - Narrows center for the Arts, Fall River, MA - May 4 2006

I thought it was going to be like any other fabulous Dan Hicks show,
but last night at the Narrows had a unique element for this happy
Hixster. More on that later.

If you’ve read my reports of past shows at this venue, you’ll recall
that the Narrows is an old mill which is now used as a gallery and
performance space. Dan is usually a sellout here but for some reason,
attendance was low last night. I had an “in your living room” seat
about a foot from the platform stage -- fabulous! At 22, my daughter
was by far the youngest there. The crowd was enthusiastic and
respectful. (Thanks, fellow Hixter Jeff Silva for introducing
yourself). During my propitiously timed trip to the Ladies Room prior
to the show, I encountered one of the lovely Lickettes putting her
make-up on at the sink. “No dressing room here”, she said with a
smile. We chatted a bit and at the time, I thought that this might be
the zenith of my interaction with the stars that night. I was wrong.

The set list was as follows:
1.  Evenin' Breeze
2.  I'm an Old Cowhand
3.  Blues My Naughty Baby Gives to Me
4.  Shootin' Straight
5.  I've Got a Capo on My Brain
6.  'Long Come a Viper
7.  What's the Matter With the Mill?
8.  I Scare Myself
9.  Honeysuckle Rose
10.  Barstool Boogie
11.  Song for My Father
12.  Willie
13.  The Piano Has Been Drinking
14.  How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away (request?)
15.  Canned Music
16.  (Encore)  I Feel Like Singin'

I’d never heard I’m an Old Cowhand live before so that was a particular
treat. I won’t repeat Dan’s many witticisms and antics so as to keep
it fresh for those of you lucky enough to catch this tour. The band
was hot and happy. The smile never left my face .

And now for the really cool part. The band was getting ready to sing I
Scare Myself , and as the girls donned their sunglasses, Dan came to
the mike and said, “Is Wendy Lapides here?” My hand shot up and I
said, “Yes, I’m here.” At first I thought I was being paged for an
emergency or something but it was just Dan checking to see if his
longtime fan was in the crowd. I’m not sure what made him ask, or how
he knew the correct pronunciation of Lapides. It was a surreal moment.

Dan was signing autographs during intermission so I waited my turn and
when he saw me, he gave me a big hug and thanked me for the birthday
book that I’d put together in December. We chatted a minute or two and
then he was off for the second set.

You know the sentiment at the end of Milk Shakin’ Mama and Caught in
the Rain, when a moment is ordinary yet perfect at the same time?
That’s what last night was for me.