COMBINED REPORTS - Freebird Cafe, Jacksonville FL, March 9 2002

From: "Leis, Tom W"
To: "''"
Subject: Freebird Cafe show report
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002

Last Saturday night I was one happy Hixter at the Freebird Cafe in Jacksonville Beach. My extended family of 9 were part of an enthusiastic crowd on hand to hear a great sampling of Dan's songs from most of his albums. It is a comfortable venue only a block from the ocean and we had a large table right in front of the stage. Don't think there is a bad seat in the house as the area above the dance floor opens up into the second floor. Where's the Money, Alive & Lickin, Scott's ACL CD...couldn't believe I was finally seeing Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks live and in person. Talk about HOT LICKS !! I enjoyed following the solos get passed around from Brian, Tom and the bass player (sorry, can't remember his name) on just about every song. Susan Rabin and Annabelle Cruz were fabulous to hear and fun to watch.

Having only seen Dan once before about 20 years ago at the Exit Inn in Nashville, I didn't have a point of reference to help determine if he was really enjoying himself. Hope he was because the crowd sure had a good time I did cringe though when after the first or second song he sarcastically (?) said something to the effect of "When I found out I was actually going to get to play in Jacksonville Beach I just about creamed". I'm just glad O'Reiley over At the Bar didn't hear him. After that, all his banter and antics seemed genuinely good natured. He mentioned that Bob Dylan and Jimmy Buffett were going to open for him the next night...he liked giving the lesser known acts a break. Didn't find out about the webcast until I returned to work yesterday. Sure would like a copy.

After the show, Susan and Annabelle were kind enough to spend a little time talking with my 10 year old daughter, Katie...creating memories which she'll cherish for a long time to come. Dan, Susan and Annabelle not only signed an Alive & Lickin poster for her, but also gave her a set list off the stage. ( I had already picked one up along with Dan's crip sheet for "The Piano Has Been Drinking"). The gracious Lickettes invited her backstage for a short visit. Katie got the closer look at the intriguing ornamentation on Annabelle's right thigh....Turned out to be a tiny candy wrapper. I don't think very many women could pull that off. I loved it. Dan was still sitting on the side of the stage chatting and signing autographs when we left; after he was nice enough to sign four of my cds. The Set List as written

Dan thanked the audience and left the stage after Simple Life and came back for an encore after a couple of minutes of thunderous applause accented by a steady chant of "DAN" "DAN" "DAN" "DAN" "DAN" "DAN" "DAN" "DAN". The encore actually consisted of The Black Headed Buzzard, 4 or 5 Times, How can I Miss You, and one more that I just can't remember.

One of Katie's favorite songs is "I Don't Want Love". Since we did not want to reduce our chances of hearing it, we resisted shouting it out as a request ...but wonder if it was the right course of action since he acknowledged then acquiesced to the shouts for "How Can I Miss You." Oh well, shouting is rude and "How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away" is probably his most famous tune, or at least line...even if most people don't attribute it to him. We'll just have to see him again when he returns to the Southeast. Hope it is soon.
Awaiting the reunion DVD,
Tom in Nashville

P.S. Only heard one person shout out "FREEBIRD" and it was towards the end of the show. I had to laugh. Just glad I didn't hear it between every song.


To: <>
From: Dave Findlay
Subject: Dan's Jacksonville, Florida Revue
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 20:16:17 +0000


What a treat it was to see the reincarnation of Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks at Jacksonville Beach, FLorida 3/9/02. And Hot they were. The Lickettes seem to be the perfect pick to bring harmony to Dan's original material. A very nice setting, the night club had a balcony and was arranged so everyone could enjoy the show. They advertised all ages welcome, and I saw people there from ages 9 to pass 75 being indoctrinated to the walking one and only's best stuff. With no intro band they came on stage and played for nearly 2 hours, and were gracious enough to come back on stage for two standing ovations, the crowd just couldn't get enough! Of the 4 times I've seen him in the past 30 years, I thought this was the best. Dan's autograph pen couldn't have had much ink left by the time he patiencely delt with the long line of old fans and new inductees. It made my night when he put his signature on my 1967 poster of the Charlatans, the San Francisco group he started.

Dave Findlay