From: John Taylor
Date sent: 19 Sep 2006
Subject: Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Guitar Camp, Pomeroy OH, Sept.15 2006

After many years of dreaming I finally had the opportunity to attend
Jorma Kaukonen's (Jefferson Airplane & Hot Tuna) Fur Peace Guitar
Camp. Campers immersed themselves in various guitar learning
situations with instructor/recording artists such as Guy Davis
(acoustic blues) and Little Toby Walker (fingerpicking style).

One of the highlights of the overall experience was the Saturday
night (9-15-06) concert featuring Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks. They
played for a couple of hours for an enthusiastic crowd of about 200
featuring many favorites including a poignant "sons of our fathers"
(not sure of the title)? Dan gained many new converts that night.

It was a great weekend with excellent entertainment, detailed &
patient guitar instruction, endless jams, gourment meals and of
course, Dan the Man. Maybe he'll come back some time and teach a
class himself?




From: Mike Zim
Date sent: 24 Sep 2006
Subject: Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Guitar Camp, Pomeroy OH, Sept.15 2006

The Fur Peace ranch, that is, in the wooded hills of southern Ohio. Last
weekend's show was at Jorma Kaukonen's guitar camp. Artists appearing
at the 200-seat concert hall this year included David Lindley, Rory Block, John
Hammond, and Roy Book Binder.

The patio area has bench swings and rocking
chairs, and makes for easy socializing. A professional, 1st class operation.
Before the show, we visited the Wild Stallion restaurant, in nearby Pomeroy.
It has a panoramic view of the Ohio River. A coal barge powered by.
Jorma's wife did some giveaways, based on your ticket number, and talked
about the choice to leave the big cities for the woods. (They're glad
they did it.)

Marjorie Thompson, a Fur Peace alumnus, opened. She's an east-coast
singer/songwriter. Smart, bluesy-folk-rock, and a clean finger-picking
style. (The headline act later treated us to tongue- and telekinetic-styles.) Jorma
sat in for one song.

Dan, Richard, David, and Paul sported purplish hued shirts, and Daria and
Roberta were sharp.

Dan took center stage, and said that he had been designated as the band
spokesman. He would "be doing introductions and announcing song titles",
which included:
Evenin' Breeze
Canned Music
Long Comma Viper
The Piano Has Been Drinking ( 'Composed by a male Caucasian")
That Ain't Right
Topsy & Swing for 42, by Django
I Scare Myself
Pennies from Heaven (The dance routine included a new-to-me posterior
thrust. I vote that they not lose it.)
I'm an Old Cowhand
What's the Matter With The Mill?, by Bob Wills (Jorma sat in)
Song For My Father
I Feel Like Singin' (The original version was on last week's American
Routes Big Voices program. Some other singers: Satchmo, Solomon Burke, Sinatra,
k.d. lang, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Waits, and the Melodians.)

In honor of the pedagogical venue, the band members identified and
described their instruments. (Richard's violin is 19th century, and Roberta's
shaker is found-object, from the wilds of Plastic, Arizona.

The tribulations of a 3rd consecutive night on the road were perhaps
evidenced by Dan popping a Hall's cherry cough drop ("I'm not
sneaky. I'm an honest performer."), and him sitting on a stool for one song. ("Now this is
called a 'stage move'. It all looks different, right?")
We'd heard Naomi Eisenberg would be attending, so brought the old albums
for autographing. (She included a variation on the naomididimoan palindrome,
and noted the 40th anniversary of the summer of love. (The woman gives good
signing.) [Hi again, Seth and Susanna.]
Mrs Kaukonen advised all to watch out for the deer, when driving home. A
common hazard in this sylvan area, especially with the thick fog.
Mike Zim