From: Glenn Kennedy
Date sent: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 21:39:09 -0500
Subject: [hix] Newburyport Show Report (shows 1 & 2)

Hi Gang,

Just wanted to toss out this quick show report from the 1-11-02 Newburyport MA show.

The venue was the working City Hall auditorium in Newburyport Massachuestts. It's an old brick building in the center of this Atlantic seacoast town. The auditorium is on the second floor, seats about 400, folding chairs on the first level and a balcony with about 80 fixed seats.

The 8PM show was sold out. My party of 8 arrived early to assure good seats. There was no opening act.

Dan & Co entered the stage right on time to a very appreciative audience of mostly 40 somethings and up.

The Hot Licks are the same members as reported earlier on this East Coast tour, so I won't repeat.

The set list was as follows (from my messy notes without my glasses):

Canned Music
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
Hell I'd Go
Piano Has Been Drinkin
-----we're gonna take a 30 second break now--- the Licketts helped each other with make-up, Dan sipped some Poland Spring water, Brian and Tom chatted a bit.....break over.
Dan read a note someone tossed on stage, "my brother has been a fan since the beginning, he'd really appreciate it if you played "O'Riley @ The Bar", Dan went into about 9 seconds of it, stopped and said that that was ALWAYS his least favorite song.
Peach Pickin Time in Georgia
O'Riley @ The Bar, a bare bones version, the band was doing their best (Dan, must have been feeling guilty)
I Scare Myself
Doodling This is new for Dan (and HOT) he promised they'd have it down the next time in Newburyport.
Give Me The Simple Life, lots of hamming it up with the Licketts on this one.
How Can I Miss You

Dan was in an excellent mood, very upbeat and in great voice. Brian and Tom both seemed a little subdued this evening, they weren't as HOT and "energized" as previous shows. Susan (the Lickette on the right) was shining as usual, she always seems to be having a blast up there. Robin, the new Lickett, was trying, but just didn't seem to be into it.

Dan made a brief appearance to sign autographs in the lobby before the second show. (He also signed my sisters foot cast).


My partner & I stayed on for the second show (10:30PM). (The promoters cut us a deal).

This show was 3/4 full !

We choose balcony seats this time.

Set List Show #2:

Canned Music
Shootin Straight
Caravan/4 Bros
I Got Mine
Bottoms Up
I Scare Myself
By Hook Or By Crook
....................Dan testing his ESP abilities asked the audience to pick the number he was thinking and, his guitar is yours. No winner.
I Feel Like Singing
Wild About My Lovin
Strike It While It's Hot
Give Me The Simple Life
Payday Blues
Milk Shakin Momma

A great time it was and only 8 miles from my house ! I shot a couple rolls of film. I expect to post them somewhere on-line by weeks end. My double fix will last a few months.

Still smiling,
Glenn in MA