Date sent: Wed, 28 May 2003 11:37:10 -0400
From: Thomas King
Subject: Hell I'll go

Hell I'd go part 1
May 16th
Greenfield, MA

The strangest venue I have seen any group in. It was an inflatable
sports dome complete with artificial turf. Hence the billing read
"Groovin in the grass".

We arrived early and got to place our lawn chairs right down in
front. It was a real treat, because we got to hear dan and the group
do sound check. Amazing!!!

The opening act is the best one I have ever seen at a Dan concert.
They were called The Mammals, an old fashioned string band
featuring Ruth Unger ( daughter of Grammy award winning fiddler
Jay Unger ) and Taao Rodriguez- Seeger (Grandson of Pete Seeger ).
Ruth is amazing on fiddle and Uke. She has a voice like an angel.

Dan and The Hot Licks came on at 9:40. It was freezing inside that
dome. But the music was Hot. There were people dancing all over
the place. Dan and the girls seemed to get a big kick out of watching
the crowd. The attire for the evening Black andlooking slick.

Dan's Hot Licks were:
Dave Bell; lead guitar
Brian Godchaux; violin & mandolin
Paul Smith; stand up bass
Susan Rabin; vocals, uke & percussion
Robyn Seyler; vocals, violin & percussion.

The play list:
Canned Music
Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy
How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?
Hell I'd Go
I've Got A Capo On My Brain ( my 72 year old mother's favorite )
That Ain't Right ( a great new song )
Peach Pickin Time In Georgia ( a great new old song )
I Scare Myself
Exactly Like You ( another great new old song )
Honeysuckle Rose ( instrumental )
Pay Day Blues
I Feel Like Singing
Willie ( a great new song )
Encore; Milk Shakin Mama
Encore 2; Get Away

TK & Bad Gramma