Howdy Hixters! We're Kathy and Ken, writing from our studio (spare bedroom) in Fremont, California. Here's a little bit about us...

First, we must say that we truly appreciate all the encouragement and assistance we have received, and are most grateful for the many creative contributions of show reports, photographs and other material from our fellow Hicks fans. Without their contibutions, this site wouldn't be anything like it is. Of course, our heartfelt thanks go out to Dan for encouraging us in this endeavor, and for giving us the artistic freedom to strive to create something worthwhile. His insight is an inspiration to us, as it is to all of his fans.

Kathy is from Brooklyn, New York, and is an SAP specialist. She currently works for a pharmaceutical company in San Francisco. In the past, she has been a clerical worker, salesperson, professional musician and a music journalist. Her turn-ons are beauty products and crabs.

Ken is a native of Helena, Montana, and is primarily a graphic designer. He has been a bureaucrat, radio announcer, and warehouse worker. He currently designs websites, deals in offbeat collectibles, and takes care of our household. That household includes four lively kitties, which we hand-raised from the age of one week after finding them abandoned. His turn-ons are making art and porn gardening.

We met in 1994, when we were living in Houston, Texas. Kathy placed a personal ad in a local weekly newspaper, and Ken answered it. We began "dating", and soon discovered that among the things we had in common was a longtime love of Dan Hicks' music, which coincidentally started for both of us in 1972, with the album "Striking It Rich".

We first saw Dan perform live in 1995, at the now-defunct Rockefeller's club in Houston. Of course, seeing Dan live was quite an experience, and piqued our interest even more. We saw him play in Houston twice more between 1995 and 1998, at the legendary folk haunt, The Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant.

After our fortunate move to Northern California in 1998, combining our abilities to produce this website seemed like the thing to do, and we launched it in October of 1999. .

Occasionaly, someone will ask us if we hang out with Dan, or if we have some sort of inside track with him. We don't hang out with him; you might say we have a friendly working relationship. We suggest you contact Dan yourself if you have a project or idea you think he'd be interested in.

People also wonder if we make money from this endeavor. The answer is no, in the extreme.

Our goal here is to provide an entertaining, up-to-date and participatory resource for Dan Hicks fans worldwide. We're happy to note that as of December 2003, this site was receiving an average of 300 visitors per day, which we think is pretty good. We eagerly solicit constructive input from all who visit here; just write to

So, it's hats off to The Walkin’ One and Only, without whom things would be a lot less tasty and tuneful! Thousands have said it before, but we’ll say it again: "Thanks, Dan!"

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