COMBINED REPORTS - Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton MA, September 14 1999

From: Jeff & Fran Shippee
Subject: Dan plays the Iron Horse in Northampton, Mass.
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 19:27:30 -0400

Four of us went to see Dan at the Iron Horse got great seats - got great drinks - and sat down for the show.  Dan shows up with Richard Saunders on bass and Tom Mitchell on guitar.  Dan was in fine form.  He played to the crowd which was small but very enthusiastic.  Dan performed the usuals, Canned Music, Hell I'd Go!, Long Comma Viper and Evening Breeze...  Also did He Don't Care (?) - Stoned song - and Tom even did a wonderful version of Slow Boat to China.  The crowd was rockin and Dan seemed to feel at home.  Talked at halftime with Richard and Tom about past performances and future plans.  They said Dan's new CD (due out the first of the year and tentatively titled, Listen to the Music Motherfucker) would include old and new and be accompanied by a new set of Lickettes!

After the show got a chance to talk with Dan who seemed a little uncomfortable with the crowd around him but he was gracious and signed autographs and talked to his fans.  Once again there were no CDs or posters or anything that he could sell (or sign) and so people pulled paper and things out to get a signature.

Talked with him about the New Year's Eve show and he said it was a big deal with Bonnie Raitt and others joining in the fun with Dan the Man.  Richard and Tom also said he is trying to put together a full-band show for a series of concerts next year including a new set of Lickettes!

Sounded great. Good time was had by all. Wish you all had been there.

Signing off,
Jeff and Fran Shippee

From: Dave Kantor
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 10:09:38 -0400
Subject: More on Northampton, MA gig

Howdy Folks,

My brother and I were at the Northampton, MA gig and loved it.  Dan commented that this gig was "a paid rehearsal for our big show in Poughkeepsie".

I had Dan autograph the CD booklet from It Happened One Bite, and he said it was the first time he had seen it.  He said that the record company was supposed to send him some copies, but they never arrived.  He seemed pleased with the production quality, and was impressed that there were liner notes in both English and Japanese.

Here are the set lists.  The first set is not in order, and was reconstructed from memory during the break.

Canned Music
Capo On My Brain
Strike it While it's Hot
I Scare Myself
Driftin' (brand new tune)
Long Come a Viper
Caravan - Four Brothers medley (instrumental)
Hell I'd Go
He's Stoned
I Get the Neck of the Chicken


Hummin' to Myself
Topsy - Swing 42 medley (instrumental)
Payday Blues
Meet Me on the Corner (AKA I Can't Sleep, AKA Human Condition)
The Buzzard Was Their Friend
Slow Boat To China (Tom Mitchell on vocals)
I Got Mine
How Come My 'Cello Don't Play For You
I Don't Want Love
Evening Breeze (encore)