Date sent: Aug. 13 2003
From: Rich Donnelly
Subject: Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, Seattle WA, Aug. 10 2003

Dan played an unprecedented 3 nights at Jazz Alley in Seattle.
This is a place that usually hosts what I would call "mainstream
jazz acts" -- for example, McCoy Tyner and Oscar Peterson are
on the schedule, though from time to time they diverge. One
tradition there is that for many years, Taj Mahal has played there
during the week of Thanksgiving -- apparently he has family in
the area. This year his trio will play 8 nights. (

Dan played Friday through Sunday, 2 sets each night. I went on
Sunday to the early (6:30) show, hoping that perhaps I'd be able
to stick around for the second one, which turned out to be the
case. The crowd seemed quiet, which I attributed to a
combination of not knowing what to expect and not wanting to
piss Dan off. He seemed a little weirder than usual at first.
Maybe the jet lag hadn't fully worn off. His between song patter
seemed sort of aimless, rather than the razor-sharp timing we're
used to. Not that there weren't plenty of laughs.

The music didn't suffer, however, as they packed plenty of great
tunes into the opening set, including Long Comma Viper, Strike
it While it's Hot, Cowboy's Dream, The Piano Has Been Drinking,
and the great jam on I Scare Myself. By about halfway through the
set the crowd's applause was getting longer and louder, and
Dan seemed to be enjoying himself more. Still, you could hear a
pin drop after the clapping, before the next song.

Unfortunately I was on the opposite side from the Lickettes but
they were in fine form with the never ending array of percussion.
Amazing how they seem to enjoy every minute up there. They
were decked out in platinum blonde wigs (Dan mentioned there
was "not a trace of pigment in their hair").

Facing a 90-minute drive home and work the next morning, I
figured I'd duck out sometime during the second set, but each
song held me there. However, it seemed not to last as long as
the first and I did head out during the encore of Chatanooga
Shoeshine Boy.

No sign of the DVDs for sale at this gig. I'd be interested to hear
any comments from the previous two nights in Seattle. This is a
great venue and the help I talked to seemed to indicate that it
had been a successful run; even though Sunday night wasn't full,
it was a respectable crowd.

Rich Donnelly