From: Dan Gabbert
Subject: Dan in Lawrence
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 16:30:12 -0400

Hi Folks, I was fortunate enough to attend the show last night in Lawrence, Kansas. Even though I've been a fan for many years, it was my first time to see Dan live. Despite a late start( the show was slated for a 9pm start but the band didn't take the stage til about 11:30 pm) Dan was in a good mood. His sarcastic wit was at it's best when dealing with the few people who insisted in calling out requests. It didn't seem to dawn on them that if they requested a song, it wasn't going to be played.

All in all it was a great night. The band was tight and Dan was in fine vocal form.

Here is a partial play list.(It's the best my bleary brain could do since the show wasn't over til after 1:15am and I had a 45 minute drive home in a thunder storm.)

Canned Music
I Scare Myself
Strike It While Its Hot
Chatanooga Shoeshine Boy
I Got a Capo on my Brain
How Can i Miss You
I Feel Like Singin
Where's the Money
Milk Shakin Mama
Along Come a Viper

Dan Gabbert