Last Train To Hicksville... the home of happy feet

"Last Train To Hicksville" was the last of Dan's albums on Blue Thumb Records with the Hot Licks. It is now available on CD from MCA Records. The original LP sleeve provides the song lyrics, and photos of the sartorially adventurous band in various Pop Star poses.

On this album, Dan revisits "'Long Come A Viper", which he had previously recorded with the Charlatans. The song is an homage to the 1930s "Viper" jazz tunes, and Woody Guthrie's talking blues. Other songs from this album in Dan's present-day repertoire include "Cowboy's Dream No. 19" and the ever-popular "Payday Blues".

Naomi contributes songwriting and lead vocals on "Success". Also featured is John Girton's only Hot Licks tune with lyrics, "Vivando", and the instrumental "Sure Beats Me". Maryann sings "Sweetheart", which was also recorded by Maria Muldaur. (A lyric from the song "I'm a waitress in the donut shop" inspired the title of Maria's 1974 Reprise album, "Waitress In A Donut Shop")

Dan Hicks vocal, rhythm guitar
Maryann Price vocal
John Girton lead guitars, dobro
Naomi Eisenberg vocal, violin
Jaime Leopold string bass
Bob Scott drums
Sid Page lead violin, mandolin

Side 1
Cowboy's Dream No. 19
Lonely Madman
My Old Timey Baby
Cheaters Don't Win

Side 2
Payday Blues
I Asked My Doctor
Sure Beats Me
The Euphonious Whale
'Long Come A Viper
It's Not My Time To Go