From: ALK
Date sent: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 03:52:58 EST
Subject:Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks w/The Waybacks
March 17, 2006, The Little Fox Theatre, Redwood City CA.

Opening act, "The Waybacks." Friggin funny, eclectic bunch of guys. You have
the hippy-handsome guy, the balding plumber looking guy, and the "Dead"
throwback guy. Funny as hell. Songs like "I Think I Need A Gun" with verses
something like "I could afford one, I have a hunch, probably if I stopped drinking
so much." Something like that. Funny as hell. A song called "Petrified Man,"
and a great instrumental called "The Guy With Monkey's in His Trousers."
They played for maybe 20 minutes.

Then Dan took the stage. Dressed in black shirt, pants, and having just
robbed the prior bands older guitarist of his "See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear
no evil" alien necktie, he proceeds right into "The Buzzard Was Their Friend."
You Gotta Believe
There Are Blue
O'Reilly At The Bar (w/ musing on SPD & Patricks role on riding Ireland of
mice. Or was that snakes? Lousy job either way.)
Strike It While It's Hot
What's The Matter With The Mail
Long Come A Viper (More reminiscing on SPD, "Viper" as in snake of Ireland.
Funny banter to be sure.)
Roberta Donnay~ No Regrets
Honeysuckle Rose

Dan reemerges in a snazzy Turquoise blue shirt. A bit subdued. Maybe had
some Green Ovaltine in the back courtesy of the Waybacks. Dunno.
By Hook or By Crook
I'm An Old Cowhand
My Dad (Song For My Father)
I Scare Myself
Daria solo~ "Jack You Dead"
Canned Music

Feel Like Singing

Fantastic show. GREAT crowd. Some really nice people in attendance, but it's
a Dan show, so that ought not to be a surprise. Couldn't have asked for a
better St. Patrick's Day! Thanks Dan!!!!!