To: "'Dan Hicks List'" <
From: Mary Averill
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 15:37:50 -0600
Subject: [hix] Madison Show

I am kinda slow getting this posted to the list, but I had a GREAT time at the Madison show last Thursday evening. My brother and I showed up before the doors opened and were able to get front row seats. The venue was the Old Music Hall at UW and had a very intimate feel. I think it only seated about 400 people at the most. The main floor filled up immediately and the balcony was also full by the time the opener finished. The show opened with Madison's own Harmonious Wail, a very entertaining swing group. I wish I had more info for you about this group, like names and stuff, but I didn't get it all written down. They did several Django R. numbers and other similar stuff. Their female singer/percussionist played an instrument I haven't seen before -- a Barton Vodka box. It was on a stand with a mike stuck through a hole on the side.

The Hot Licks ambled on stage and got down to business with an instrumental version of I Got Rhythm, then Dan came out. There was some problem with his guitar on the first number (like we couldn't hear it) and Dan asked for some assistance from the sound guys. No one showed up, so Tom M. attempted to fix it while Dan gave us a monolog in gibberish. Finally a sound guy appeared and they seemed to get it fixed after about 10 minutes of Dan's droll humor. I believe Dan was a bit upset about it all and I was afraid we might be in for a phoned in show from that point on, but things improved greatly after Chattanooga Shoe Shine. The whole pace of the show seemed a little slowed down this evening. I got the feeling he might be tired after all of this traveling around. The lickettes were really on tonight, though, and it was fun to see them up close. They were beautiful in their snake-skin print pants and dark glasses. They seem to enjoy what they do. The band lineup was the same as we have seen on this tour: Tom on guitar, Brian on fiddle and mandolin, Steve on bass. The Lickettes were Susan and Anabelle. Here's the set list:

I got Rhythm
Canned Music
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
Hell, I'd Go
Shootin' Straight
I Feel Like Singing
Capo on My Brain
Buzzard was Their Friend
Caravan/4 Brothers
I Scare Myself
Old Black Magic
Payday Blues
Strike it While it's Hot
Where's the Money
I Can Get the Neck of the Chicken, How Can I Ever Get You?

Milk Shakin' Mama
How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away

I was surprised by the omission of I Don't Want Love, but he mentioned that the Conan rerun was on tonight, so maybe he didn't want us to hear that one twice. I Feel Like Singing was the high point for me. I LOVE that song!!  Anabelle had the words for it taped to her monitor, so it must be a new one for her. Speaking of new ones, the Neck of the Chicken was a new one for me. In this town full of old hippies, the audience who turned out for this show was definitely his old fans. We were all OLD, man ;~). it seemed that most of the crowd was not familiar with the new record and I think they sold a lot of them afterwards. Dan and the rest of the group very kindly hung around after the show to sign autographs and pose for pictures. My brother got some good pictures during the show with his digital camera. He didn't use a flash, of course, so some of the action shots are a little blurred, but others are good. I know better than to clutter up the list with attachments, but I could e-mail them to Kathy and Ken if they want to put them on the website. Support live music!

Mary in Iowa