To: Ken Baird
From: John Caswell
Date sent: 17 Sept 2002
Subject: Sept 14 Show at The Mangy Moose

Here is the Mangy Moose report from the show in Jackson, Wyoming, Sept
14th, 2002.

The town was full of visitors(Wyoming Bar Association Convention - Lawyers
not bartenders, unfortunately , bicycle racers and support teams finishing
the Logan, Utah to Jackson bike race, and supporters of the arts running
5K and 10K races along with artists auctioning off their work to help
support the arts in Jackson. And a small number of Hixsters.

The affordable condos, hotels and motels were booked full so we(Caz,
Ginny, Cheryl and Mark) had the opportunity to return to our ski bum roots
and crash with two friends of Cheryl and Mark & new Jackson Hole Hixsters,
Jack and Peg, in their house at the base of the Silver King ski hill in
town. Their hospitality on such short notice was greatly appreciated. A
Saturday morning breakfast out, watching the start of the races that
included a costume division, garage sale shopping(Peg is a pro) and a
visit to the Lupine ranger station campground at the base of the
magnificent Teton peaks made for a great day leading up to THE SHOW.

The Mangy Moose is located at Teton Village at the base of the Jackson
Hole Ski Resort, some 7-8 miles from the town of Jackson and between 6 -
7,000 feet above sea level. The 9:30 show was in the bar next to the
restaurant(great prime rib dinner), and from the start you sensed that Dan
was not happy playing a "bar show". They did not get the undivided
attention of the audience in this setting. There was some trouble getting
the sound and lights to Dan's and the band's liking during the first set,
so the show suffered during the first 4-5 songs. I did detect some
Hixsters singing along, but mostly there was too much talking going on
during both sets. Maybe too many lawyers in attendance. We were perfectly
located in the balcony overlooking the stage, so the talking did not
bother us as much as it may have Dan or the Hixsters down below.

The group included Corky(Paul Smith) on bass, Brian on violin, David Bell
on guitar and two Lickettes (Robyn Roshelle & Christine ?) It was
Christine's first gig with the band so Dan was encouraging her to sing a
little louder throughout the show. Robyn really got into the Lickette
persona and was great on all the various percussion instruments. She also
played the violin on one song and fits in perfectly.

There wasn't too much banter with the audience this show, but Dan made
several references to bar shows and ended the first set with "How Can I
Miss You", so that may have summed up his feelings for the night. The
applause was very loud for some of the older tunes and even drowned out
the talkers, so apparently there were a good number of Hixsters or future
Hixsters present. At least one guy waited after the show to get some of
his LP's signed. Brian accommodated him even though he did not play on
the one he signed.

Dan only gave one dance move early in the show and did not do a routine
with the Lickettes. He also did an extended air guitar solo and his Bob
Dylan impression during the second set. The audience caught on to the air
guitar solo, but the Dylan impression may have gone over their heads. The
brushes(drumsticks) were present on the stage, but were never used. They
all were drinking a lot of water, probably due to the altitude and lack of
humidity. Dan announced they were doing their encore at the end of the
second set rather than leave the stage and come back.

I managed to get Dan's set list after the show and get his autograph along
with everyone else's but the new Lickette, Christine. Dan did not follow
his set list "X'actly", but here is mine. CAZ's Set list 1st Set
2nd Set Canned Music
Shootin Straight Topsy The
Buzzard Was Their Friend 4 or 5 Times
Blues For Dixie Honeysuckle Rose 'Long Come A
Viper Reelin Down The Piano Has Been

Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy I Feel Like Singing
I Scare Myself Payday Blues
Evenin Breeze Caravan
Milk Shakin Momma Peach Pickin Time In Georgia How
Can I Miss You Exactly Like That
Strike It While
It's Hot
I've Got A Capo
On My Brain
Dan's Printed Set List
1 2
4 or 5 Times VIPER
SCARE m'SELF Buzzards
BREEZE Caravan /
MILK SHAKm' Peach P.
X'ACTLY StRike it

Hell - GO

Dan seemed to be working things out with the new Lickettes and he also
encouraged Brian, Corky, and Dave to extend their solos on several
occasions. The show finished up shortly after midnight.

All in all, another great escape for the Hixsters in Utah.