To: S H O R T y
From: Daria
Subject: Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks Present a Salute To The Folk Years - April 14 2007

Los Angeles Jazz Scene (May issue 2007)
by Scott Yanow

I recently went to see Dan Hicks And His Hot
Licks at the legendary McCabe's Guitar Shop partly
because his current band includes two superior jazz
singers: Roberta Donnay and Daria. While Hicks
usually performs a mixture of Western Swing, folk,
swinging jazz and some uncategorizable music, on
this occasion he spent the first half of each set
saluting the Folk Revival of the 1960s. On such
songs as Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice," "If I Had
A Hammer," the Carter Family's "Jimmy Brown, The
Newsboy," "and "Greenback Dollars," Hicks and his
group (which also included the excellent guitar
soloist Dave Bell, Adam Gabriel on mandolin, banjo
and guitar, and bassist Paul Smith) sounded quite
authentic while not merely copying the past. Among
the other highpoints were "Scotch And Soda,"
(which makes one wish that Dan Hicks will someday
record a jazz album), the infectious "Jug Band
Music" (featuring Daria on kazoo and Adam Gabriel
on harmonica), the joyous "Feel Like Singing" and
the heated encore, "Scare Myself." Roberta
Donnay and Daria (both of whom had several
opportunities to solo) added a great deal to the
music while Hicks' informative yet very humorous
talking between songs was a constant crackup. I
saw two straight sets and, although the repertoire
was largely the same, 80% of Dan Hicks' comments
were completely different and just as funny.