COMBINED REPORTS - McNear's Mystic Theatre, Petaluma CA, November 19 2000
From: Tim Patterson
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 134517 EST
Subject: [hix] Dan in Petaluma

Caught Dan with his Hot Licks in Petaluma last night.  We were able to grab seats in the front row.

It was a fabulous show. Dan played for 2 solid hours (with one 30 SECOND break in the middle, it was hilarious).

Having been a "Dan Groupie" for 30 years now and having seen him the last 25 years without the Hot Licks I must say it was very refreshing to have the "Lickettes" in tow. They do add to the visual and listening pleasure. The band was solid as always. These guys are wonderful musicians. They all seemed to be having a great time together.

Dan dipped into all 4 of his early albums. I especially enjoyed "Where's the Money" and "Hook or by Crook". Those two songs bring back a lot of fond memories for me. Dan expertly jumped from old to new songs and there was never a dull moment. 

The house was almost full and very appreciative of the tunes.... Dan is the man ....He even had a change of props (He put on sunglasses and called that a costume change) ... His banter is still the best ....The energy level was very high.  I think it was because he was back in front of his home town fans.

Tim ....

From: Kathy & Ken
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 150154 -0800
Subject: Re [hix] Dan in Petaluma

Yep, us "home town fans" really did enjoy the show! We spent the weekend in Mill Valley, since it's long drive from Petaluma to Fremont, especially after midnight. Bonus celebrity sighting: Ben Stein, filming something in Lytton Square in Mill Valley.

McNear's Mystic Theatre is a nice venue, in an small old-time movie house on Petaluma's main drag. We arrived fairly early to scope things out and hit the line in time for good seats, since the show was general admission. McNear's also operates a nice pub and eatery next door, with sidewalk tables set up in front, so we were able to tote glasses of wine outside to help pass the time.

The first fellow in line had gone to the Amoeba Records show in SF on 11/5. He mentioned that about 350 advance tickets had been sold for the night's show, as fans began to show up looking to buy tickets. We appreciated that the doors were opened at the promised 7PM, since it was a tad chilly outdoors, and the gas heaters in the "al fresco dining" area had not been ignited.

The opening act was an earnest young folkie lady called Deborah Pardes, whose Joni-Mitchell-with-an-edge songs were well received by the audience. She mentioned that a song of hers was inspired by Tom Waits, and mentioned Tom's appearance with Dan on "BTH". Her last song was IOHO the best, with a little swing influence that made a nice segue into DH&THL's set.

Band personnel were:
Paul Robinson, guitar
Alan Gleeson, bass
Brian Godchaux, violin and mandolin
Susan Rabin and Annabelle Cruz, Lickettes

Susan and Annabelle were sassy and très mignon as Franco-Lickettes for the night, clad in the requisite striped stretch blouses, tight skirts, fishnet hose and berets. They were great crowd-pleasers, as Tim mentions in his report.

Dan regaled the crowd with anecdotes about his local roots, including one about performing at some Petaluma dive in the early 60s, and he also played a snappy cadence on the snare worthy of the junior high Flag Corps. The upcoming appearance on Conan O'Brien was also mentioned.

We, like Tim, were really happy to hear "By Hook Or By Crook". Although we have seen this number come up in some show reports from the road, we haven't heard a live version since the Charlatans' reunion show in 1997. The rest of, or the most of, the set list, in no particular order, was

*Canned Music
*Where's The Money?
*By Hook Or By Crook
*Somebody Tell Me The Truth
*How Can I Miss You, with vocal solos by Susan and Annabelle.
*Capo On My Brain
*Payday Blues
*I Scare Myself, with great hypno hand motions by Dan.
*Strike It While It's Hot
*The Buzzard Was Their Friend
*Long Comma Viper
*Milk Shakin' Mama
*I Don't Want Love
*Topsy/Swing 42
*The End Of A Love Affair
*Hell, I'd Go!
*Wild About My Lovin'

Winter is officially confirmed by the Dan Hicks Sartorial Calendar, as the familiar furry black homburg (otherwise mentioned here before as his "Shaft's Big Score" hat) was donned for the encore numbers.

One of the last tunes of the show featured Dan keeping a jazzy beat on the snare. He invited the audience to imagine themselves at a Holiday Inn lounge, which made us laugh, thinking about his upcoming gig on Tuesday 11/21 at Generations, located in a St. Louis-area Holiday Inn. All in all, a quite enjoyable show, with an enthusiastic and loving local crowd.

Looking forward to reading the show reports from all you Hixters awaiting Dan & Co's arrival. Our next Bay Area show -- 12/2, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz. It's the "Humbug Hoedown", featuring the Christmas Jug Band.

Kathy & Ken