From: Masahiro Doi
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:54:55 -0000
Subject: [hix] Dan in Japan

Hi Hixters!

I went to Club Quattro,Nagoya,Japan to see (our) Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks.

There was an opening performance by the band named BAN BAN BAZAR, Japanese acoustic swing quintet. They played about 30 minutes, and then Dan & the group showed up.

Set List:
1.Canned Music
2.How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away
3.Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
4.Topsy/Swing '42
5.I Scare Myself
6.Payday Blues
7.I Feel Like Singing
8.My Cello
9.Buzzard Was A Friend
10.I Get the Neck Of the Chicken
11.Milk Shakin' Mama
12.Old Black Magic
13.Strike It While It's Hot
14.Comes the Love(?)
15.Where Is the Money?
16.Piano Has Been Drinking
17.How High the Moon
18.Hell,I'd Go
19.Shootin' Straight
20.Long Comma Viper
21.End Of Love Affair
1.4 or 5 Times

Maybe the personnel of Hot Licks and Lickettes were the same as show,but I didn't get the name of the bass player. 
He played the bass and DID Japanese Translations. 
Dan: "Buzzard was a friend",What's said in Japanese?
Bass player: "Hagetaka wa tomodachi da".
Dan: I don't think so.

Dan played snare drum with pair of brushes on few songs.

Famous "Be,Be Beatin' the Heat" Harmony by the Lickettes was changed a lot. ("He,He,Heatin' the Beat","He,He Heatin' the Feet" etc...)

If there were no difficulty of the language, we'd have enjoyed the show much much more. The worst thing was that many of the people applauded as encore when the first set was over.  It got me sick!

Anyway,the show was very precious and fantastic to me.  Do you think how many times can you see Dan's live for the rest of your life when you're Japanese and don't live in the U.S.?

Masahiro Doi