COMBINED REPORTS - Newburyport MA, May 17 2003

Date sent: Tue, 20 May 2003
To: Shorty <>
From: Glenn Kennedy
Subject: Fwd: Newburyport MA Show Report

Hey gang,

Well, it's been a few days, but I'm still high from the wonderful show
Dan & Co put on at the Newburyport City Hall Auditorium Saturday night,
May 17 2003. This was by far the best performance I've seen since Dan's
been on the road with the new Hot Licks.

It was a full house of maybe 200-250 happy Hixters. The Newburyport City
Hall is much like an old theater with a wrap around balcony, complete
with a water stained velvet curtain (red of course).

The Hot Licks this time out were: David Bell on lead guitar, Paul Smith
on bass, Brian (as usual) on mandolin & violin, Susan Rabin as the
Lickette on the right and I'm sorry but I was unable to pick up the name
of the other blond Lickette on the left.

Dan was in a great mood and so was the crowd . I've never seen an
audience this happy, seemed like everyone's feet were tapping.

The 'new' Licketts have expanded their vocal duties significantly since
the last time I've seen the band (which was in January of 2001). They
were right there with all the tongue twisters on Viper and Buzzard.
Wicked good stuff !!!

If anyone asked me what my favorite song of the evening was, I'd have to
say "Reeling Down". It was very close to the original and gave me goose
bumps to hear it done so well, but then again they were all done well.

Here's my play list, it varies a bit from what they had intended to do:

Canned Music
Is This My Happy Home
I Feel Like Singin (opened this by saying his roommate had been Louis
Armstrong where he learned skat music)
Bottoms Up
Evening Breeze
That Ain't Right (mentioned this will be in the new CD which he puts out
every 10 years or so)
How Can I Miss You (the animated version) I
Scare Myself (Brian and David blew the audience away)
Exactly Like You
I'll See You In My Dreams (from the Woody Allen movie/soundtrack
to Sweet and Lowdown (about Django)
Hell I'd Go
Reelin Down



I was able to snag the play list after they left the stage and also a
couple of bonus "cheat sheets".

Cheat sheet #1 shows the key lyrics for the new song they did titled
"That Ain't Right" Cheat sheet #2 is for "Willie" which they did not do.

All are posted here --

What a show, one of the best, but that's what makes Dan THE Man !!!

Glenn in MA


Date sent: Wed, 28 May 2003 12:52:26 -0400
From: Thomas King
Subject: Hell I'd Go

Hell I'd Go part 2
Newburyport, MA

Nice 3 hour drive.
A much better venue [than in Greenfield MA]. Newburyport City Hall
Auditorium is a great place to see a concert. We arrived early and again
had front row seats.

There was great chemistry that night between the
band and the audience. Everyone around us was singing along and
tapping their feet. Must have been a full moon!

Dan was looking sharp in his red and black shirt and shiny black & gold
striped pants. Susan had on a tropical looking red skirt with sequins that
sparkled in the spotlight. Robyn wore a little black skirt with red and black top.
Complements to the wardrobe dept.!

The play list for tonight:
Canned Music
Long Comma Viper
Is This My Happy Home?
I Fell Like Singing
Bottoms Up ( a great new song )
Evening Breeze
That Ain't Right ( another great new song )
How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?
I Scare Myself
Exactly Like You
See You In My Dreams ( another great new old song )
Hell I'd Go
Reelin Down ( One of my favorites )
Encore; The Buzzard Was Their Friend

Off to Portland ME