From: "draydur_michaels"
Subject: Dan at the Nugget, Reno, Nv Aug 18 2007

I've been a subscriber to this group for years and get the email on the postings.
This is my first post and I am just unable to duplicate the detail you folks deliver on Dans
shows. Here is my attempt.

I had a seat 15 feet from the stage. The sound was very good.
Dan wore white and red patent leather shoes, navy blue pinstripe pants and a tuxedo shirt.
Blond epiphone guitar.
Excellent violin and mandolin player. solo on I scare myself rivaled Sid.
Guitar player had some very nice solos and was overall a very strong voice with constant
surprises in the way he approached Dan's tunes.

The bass player was from Reno. Did solos with the bow while singing into a mic mounted
on the neck of the bass. A really solid player.

Sorry about no names...

The lickets sounded good and were cute. One of them hit a nice groove on the cowbell on
a surprise tune, "song for my father". I never knew this tune had lyrics and Dan delivered.

Having only seen Dan in SF back in the 60's (on drums) and on TV (Austin city limits) I was
taken with his deadpan delivery and am haunted with what I can only describe as a
haunted look in his eyes. At one point Dan took what he said was his invention... A 30
second break, mid set. He promised to end the set with a walk off and pretend to be
finished, but come back and play 2 more songs... a show biz tradition. Another funny was
when he told the lightman "hey.. thats a really bright light you have there , I think I'll go
get my cowboy hat"... the light dimmed.

It was a privilege to be there seated where I was and I hope this show report is acceptable.
I always enjoy the group. My wife who really doesn't listen to Dan that much was just
blown away. It was a really good concert.

Other than that...
I hope they keep Sweetwater open in Mill Valley where Dan does Bayside Jazz. Seems my
wife wants to go see Dan again.

And so we add another to the group.

Best To Y'all


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From: "Tim Patterson"
Subject:Dan at the Nugget, Reno, Nv Aug. 18 2007

Tim and Molly from Montana would like to add to Draydur's email.

We sat at table 1, underneath Dan, center stage. I personally have seen Dan
himself over 50 times. This was one of the best shows in the last 10 years.

Awesome, simply awesome. The band was very, very tight. All seemed to
really enjoy themselves onstage.

Dan mentioned he went to the far, far west side of the parking lot to take
a picture of the big sign that advertised Dan and then Chris Isaak the
following week. He said a security guard wanted to know why he was taking
them pictures.

At one point Dan stopped and pulled a hair off his mike (it was blonde)
and made a snide remark.

Dan was at his best, making cool remarks between songs. Once when it was
quiet, he said "This is the time in the set when the crowd screams out
stuff". He did play one song off the "White Album" .. that got a lot of

Also, he described his sound as " Caucasian Hip Hop".

At the end of the night it was announced that Dan's cd (Selected Shorts)
would be outside and Dan himself with the Hot Licks would be out there
signing them and all.

Whelp, there were only 30 cd's outside for sale and they were all snapped
up in 3 minutes.

Molly from Montana and I never did get a glimpse of Dan or the Licks
outside. We waited for a bit. I wanted to talk to him and gain some of his
great knowledge.

Set list
Gypsy Jazz music
Canned Music
News Blues
Piano Has Been Drinking
Hell I'd Go
Buzzard was your Friend
I Scare Myself (Nice Dan solo there, especially picking the guitar with
his teeth)
Pennies From Heaven
That Ain't Right
I'm an Old Cowhand (Lickettes really did this one right)
(Missed this title but "The Man" was song over a couple times at the end).
Very good song
Long Come a Viper
I feel Like Singing (one of my personal favorites).

There ya go.
Great night at the casinos. As a sidenote, I cashed 9 out of 10 baseball
wagers and Molly from Montana won herself some dough on the slots. We had
one hell of a fine time.

Tim and Mol (from Montana)