COMBINED REPORTS - Thirsty Ear & Beachland Ballroom, Ohio, April 27-28 2000

Jim Gladieux's Reports
Dan in Cleveland and Columbus, 4/27-28

Having just got back from Cleveland and Columbus, I feel honored to report on Dan's Midwest gigs. Hixsters are alive and well in the Midwest and were enthusiastic to see the man. The Columbus article was excellent and Dan was in fine fashion dealing with the audience. I've never seen him interract so much. His wit was in rare form. He let everyone know that he would be in Cleveland tomorrow, someone yells "The Beachland Ballroom", to which he responded "at the Beachball Playroom". This concert was excellent.

The list of songs are:

1. Peach Pickin Time in Georgia
2. Honeysuckle Rose
3. Shootin Straight
4. Long Comma Viper
5. Strike it While it's Hot
6. Capo on my Brain
7. The Buzzard was their Friend
8. Caravan
9. I Scare Myself
10. Payday Blues
11. an instrumental (a song I didn't recognize)
12. How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away
13. Canned Music
14. Evenin Breeze
15. Bottom's Up
16. Slow Boat to China (an excellent performance by Tom Mitchell)
17. The Piano has been Drinking
18. Cowboy's Dream #19
19. I Got Mine
20. News From Up the Street
21. Cello
22. Walkin One and Only

Cleveland didn't quite have the same crowd, although the hall was a bit larger. The place was still full of die hard Hix fans. He put on another fine show, this time without a break. In both venues, he didn't start to play until 10:30 pm.

The list of songs are:

1. Peach Pickin Time in Georgia
2. The Buzzard was their Friend
3. Shootin Straight
4. Hell, I'd Go
5. Strike it While it's Hot
6. Bottoms Up
7. Long Comma Viper
8. Caravan
9. Four Brothers
10. I Scare Myself
11. Capo on my Brain
12. Evenin Breeze
13. Payday Blues
14. Canned Music
15. I Got Mine
16. Humming to Myself
17. How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away
18. Walkin One and Only
19. News From Up the Street

After Cleveland's concert, the four of us (myself, the wife and another couple) got a chance to talk with Tom Mitchell. Can't say enough nice things about the guy. I took every opportunity to talk to Dan without imposing on his busy schedule. He was very friendly with his wit always turned on. When I called the Thisty Ear in Columbus to find out what time he started, I asked the person on the other end if Dan was there. A minute later I hear "This is Dan." Needless to say, I was flabergasted. So sounding like a total idiot, I said I was driving down from Toledo (actually a little more north than that). I told him I was a big fan and asked him to play Cello and he said he would. The car phone kept breaking up, so I tried to quickly and politely tell him he's the greatest. He finished with "Thanks for calling." A true gentleman - truly the only hip person there is.

Life is good again. I only hope that I can last until the next time he's in the area. In the meantime, I'll line up with everyone else for a copy of Beating the Heat.

Jim G