From: Steve Ramirez
Date sent: Mon, 7 Aug 2006
Subject: Dan in Piermont, NY 8/6/06

Piermont is beautiful, intimate little town in the
hills along the Hudson just across the NJ/NY State
line. Reminded me a lot a miniature Mill Valley. The
word "intimate" can also be used to describe the
venue, "The Turning Point". I dont think it holds more
than 100 people and the seating is mostly arranged at
dinner tables that are spaced in a such a manner that
you practically back to back with the person behind
you end elbow to elbow the person next to you.
Intimate. Which in this case was good because everyone
there was in a good mood, ready to listen to Dan and
didnt seem to mind being "intimate" at all.

Dan and the band came out and played two sets, both of
which I attended. At first they appeared a little road
weary, and Dan sat a lot, of course that could also be
because when he stood up his head was about 3 inches
from the ceiling over the stage. The stage was
intimate, too. They seemed to become a little more
energized as the show went on, and Dan must have taken
a power nap between sets because he was a little more
rambunctious, mostly with his stage patter and they
did a dance number also. I didnt write a set list, but
they played a wide variety of songs, probably 5-6
songs that they played in both sets, but each unique:

I Scare Myself
Canned Music
Song for my Father
Walkin One and Only
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
Peach Pickin Time
Im am Old Cowhand
Blue My Naughty Baby Gave to Me
The Piano Has been Drinkin
That Aint Right
Pennies From Heaven (dance number)
Topsy/Swing 42
I Feel Like Singin
Along Come A Viper
The Buzzard was their Friend
Dont Brush my Teeth much anymore
Evening Breeze
Limehouse Blues (outro)

Dan was talkative, had his usual banter with the
occasional audience memeber who, let's say, cuaght his
attention. Some pretty good zingers, one to do with
how they they like to cover all facets of the human
condition... "tonight we'll be covering bedwetting and
psoriasis". The Lickettes (Roberta and DAria) sounded
great, had barely just enough room for their props,
but still managed to charm and bedazzle. Respectfully
to Mize Z., the picture doesnt do the justice... Dave
Bell was his usual excellent self of guitar, Richard
on violin was beautiful, he and Dave did a wonderful
rendition of the guitar/violin duet on Walkin One and
Only. Paul just hummed along on bass, had a couple
solos himself, dont recall which songs. Then of
course, there was "Mel Gibson" on guitar on vocals.
The songs were all great, the one that stays with me
the most was "Song For My Father", great harmonies,
great instrumnetal, Dan totally nailed the vocal as
only he can.

The second show was over at 8:30-ish. so while I was
pondering how I was going to drive back to New Jersey
without getting lost (but I did anyway), I happened to
have a few words with Dave and Richard. Richard was
still stoked from his performance, said he really felt
good up there. Its neat to see that kind of enthusiasm
after what I know was a long road trip for them.

Great shows, great town and venue. Hell of a way to
spend my first day ever in NY