COMBINED REPORTS - The Point, Bryn Mawr PA, October 12 2000

From: Ralph H.
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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 03:21:44 -0000
Subject: [hix] The Point

Dan and the Hot Licks played two wonderful shows at The Point.  It was a memorable night.

First of all, The Point is a wonderful place to hear music.  The room is really small (seats maybe 100?), and it's really comfortable -- some seats at tables, some sofas and some armchairs.  It's almost like being at a house concert.  The sound is good and not over-amplified.  It's a privilege to be able to see and hear such wonderful musicians at such close quarters.

The group looked and sounded really good. Dan, perhaps because of the size of the room, perhaps for reasons unknown, was in a mellow mood.  He referred a couple of times to having played The Main Point -- the previous incarnation of The Point, located a couple of doors down from where The Point is now -- some thirty years earlier.

Mike's already reported on the lineup. I thought the new members were just great.  Alan Gleeson had quite a few opportunities to solo, and his solos were always apt and right in synch with what everyone else was doing.  Trish Pate made a terrific teammate for Susan Rabin, and they looked like they were having lots of fun.

Among the amusing comments that Dan made during the 7:00 show: introducing I Scare Myself, he said that while he was performing it at Woodstock, three babies were born.

Here's the set list for the 9:30 show:

Chatanooga Show Shine Boy
Somebody Tell Me the Truth
The Buzzard Was Their Friend
Wild About My Lovin'
Where's the Money (which Dan claimed he performed in 1953 on a Bob Hope tour of Formosa Island)
Caravan/Four Brothers medley
Piano Has Been Drinking
I Scare Myself (with a great solo by Brian)
Strike It While It's Hot
By Hook or By Crook
Comes Love
Four Five Times
The End of a Love Affair
I Don't Want Love

Milk Shakin' Mama (Dan added the line "And then I ate a worm" -- and said "It's my song, ladies and gentlemen."
How Can I Miss You

After the second show, my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with fellow list member Claire Kane, her son and her friend.

A great night. At the risk of preaching to the choir, I've got to tell you to grab the chance to see the present lineup in performance if you can.

Ralph H.

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From: Jon Rose
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 22:40:17 -0400
Subject: [hix] New Lickette?

Just got back from the early show at 'The Point'.  I'm dead tired so I'll wait till tomorrow to do a show report, unless someone steps up to the plate and does one first.  I will say it was a great show, but way too short, ~70 minutes.  I guess Dan needed some recoup time between sets.  They kicked us out so early there wasn't even a line at the door for the second show yet.

Debbie kee was not with the band tonight.  There was a new lickette named Chris _____?  I missed her last name as the waitress showed up with dinner in the middle of the intros.  She had a great voice and knew all the routines cold, so maybe this has been planned for a while.

Hope someone can fill in the blanks.

Me, I'm gettin' some Zzzzs.


From: RRHar777
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 21:28:48 EDT
Subject: Dan at the Point in Brynmawr

Great show, Dan, and the group were very together, the show could have been a live recording ...they did many songs from Beatin the heat ...and of course perennial favorites, the club was very small, Yet Dan managed to throw in a couple of Hip dance steps ..and doubled on Snare drum .....He even remembered to bring CDs to sell ..What a marketing genius!!!  After 30 some years Dan still captivates an audience...

Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 23:18:18 -0700
From: Horace Crider
Subject: Re: [hix] The Point

What a SUPER show.  I was fortunate enough to see both shows.  It's been awhile since my eyes had seen Dan (22 years) but the years have been kind to him.  "It's a gift", was what he said about his song writing prowess.  So true.

Between shows I got a chance to purchase two CD's that Dan of course.  He was very cordial.  Also spoke with "The Lickettes" and Brian.

The Point seats 150 people according to management.  After walking in at 6:30, and getting a seat at far stage left, nothing but the most central location would do for show #2.  Dan and friends made my day.

Thanks to the HixList I'll be able to stay in touch with the goings on of "The Man".

See you next trip Dan....Horace C.